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By Bobbia Mars / 6 years ago / In: General ,

Bobbia Mars

Bobbia Mars

Weird story:   I have a new neighbor in the apartment above mine, he’s a nice redheaded man, probably in his early thirties.   I’ve seen/spoken to him shortly a few times since he moved in a couple of weeks ago.  Well the night before last I had a very random dream about him, and in the dream he basically ax murdered me.   Wtf.   So whatever, weird random dream about a guy I hardly know.   Well, the morning that I woke up from that dream(I was at an-erm-friend’s house…) I go home and right when I’m walking into my place the redheaded ax-murderer happens to be pulling out in his SUV.   So he stops me and tells me to come up to his place because he took part in some event and has tons of extra food and needs to get rid of it.   Fuck.   How do I nicely say no?   ‘Cause I KNOW that he is going to use me being in his place as a chance to ask me out.    So yeah, when I go up he tells me that he is going to stop by tomorrow night(which is tonight) to take me out to a local bar for reggae music.   Wtf.   I don’t even like reggae music, bars, or the dude!   So wtf??   Not knowing how to get out of it I have decided to hide out at my Ex’s house tonight.     So neighbor upstairs will see that my car is not here and I am gone…..   Plus what if neighbor guy tries to ax murder me like the dream??

Like this:

  • Shady

    You have to ax murder him before he ax murders you. That is the only way to break the curse. Also, don’t eat his food. It is not safe.

  • Bobbia

    ^^^Shit good point about the food! Too late!!! I am currently hiding out at my Ex’s…