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By Nina / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Hello Children 🙂

I hope ur all doing well <3 I watched both seasons of Vampire knights and I love love loved it! It was the first anime I got into that wasn’t goofy or had a lot of action… it was just really sad, depressing and romantic! I felt like a 14 year old girl watching it and its so sad that I fall in love with cartoons more than I fall for people in real life! Season three isnt out, but the manga has enough chapters in it to create another season.. PLEASE MAKE SEASON THREEEE!!!!!! I tried to read it online to find out what else happens because season two didnt end so well, but that manga isnt the easiest to read for me!

Arent they sexyyyy???? OOOooooOOOOooo

I went to watch Easy A today and it was a good movie, from the middle :/ The beginning was just full of cheesy jokes and just trying too hard to be funny! Made me wonder if maybe these high school movies aren’t meant to be funny to me since im not 14 anymore?!? Maybe!

Today I played Fable 2 and these *choose ur path* games are making it difficult for me, Im trying to be a good person in the game believe it or not and I just keep fucking it up! I guess now I have to actually pay attention to what im doing… meh, eventually I will give up and be myself *EVIL* lol.. its easier that way than trying to make everyone love u

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