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By Nina / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Boooooo! Im sick! I wish I could’ve said I look as cute as this bear right now… but I dont </3 lol

Other than the fever, stuffy nose and sore throat… im okay I guess Undecided I’ve been playing Dante’s Inferno and im kinda creeped out, I love horror movies and scary games, but not playing them! The first game I played that scared me was Jurassic park for SNES, do any of u remember that one? I dont remember much about it, but I hated getting into the elevator because the dinosaurs were waiting on the other side to eat me. Than when u would walk outside they were waiting to attack u from the trees… I hate things jumping at me. This game is more creepy as in.. its completely fucked up lol. I know God of war fans hate this game, but I never played that and I was attracted to the game because it was the first trailer to send chills down my spin and the monster creator also designed the monsters in Pans Labiryth which also happens to be my favorite movieĀ Laughing

Tomorrow I will be hunting for my computer chair and desk, I found a chair I really like… but I will have to settle for an *ok* desk, im not going to spend a whole day looking for one like I did last time. Im so sick of camming on my bed, its destroying my back! I need back support, so i can tolerate camming for longer hours without falling apart! Imagine if I end up as the camgirl with a HUGE hunch on my back??? lol

Anywhoo goodnight my pretties <3

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