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back from vaca!


By Lizzy / 6 years ago / In: Free Content , General , P-Chats



that’s right, im finally back from vacation with my family! i had such a good time though. i slept most of the trip there. we got there and checked out the beach. i got my toes in the ocean after so many years! then we went out for lunch and some shopping with everyone. i got a lobster roll! i was so excited about this. it was yummy. i went swimming in the pool of the house we were staying at. it was the first time i’ve been swimming all summer, believe it or not. i took a nap and then we went out for mini golf, and dinner at this nice italian place. i got crab manicotti! isn’t food almost the best part of vacation? haha. i went to bed early every night. all this activity really wears me out! so the next day we got up early and went to the beach. i went swimming in the ocean but not for very long…there were rip tides or something and the life guards called everyone in. so i just laid out for a bit. i swear i can’t get a tan even if i try, yet i somehow managed to get sunburn on my nose. lol. we ate lunch at this really cool place called green cuisine and they had the best wraps. afterwards we went to the wetlands institute and saw cute little turtles and octopus! we tried to go to the zoo but by the time we got there they were closed. we went home. i read on the balcony for a bit…it was really nice because you could see the ocean from there. that night we had this crazy seafood/ lobster feast for my aunt’s birthday. mmm i ate so much seafood! chowder, crab cake, lobster, clam strips…haha i don’t even know what else! then we had birthday cake of course. up early the next morning to come home. we got lost of course, but i was asleep so it was ok.

got back sunday night and i picked up my friend. we headed out to see some bands play. every avenue was the headliner. i really just went to see my friends. but we all had fun. went to the diner afterwards and had a gyro. nom nom. then i slept forever the next day. lol

now im back! if you miss me online today check back tomorrow!

o yeah, i kind of have orange hair now…what do you think?

see ya later loves!

<3 lizzy!

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