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Lists, lists, lists!


By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Anywayyy. Tonight I’m a little bit cranky, which is weird because I’ve been in such a good mood lately. But, I think i’ll be able to snap myself out of it soon – I’m not TOO bad or anything, just really tired and because I slept too LONG. Irony, anybody? Yes. I think bloging will help me feel better – even though this is not a ranting blog! Just FYI, end my whining here at this moment!

So, I have a huge thing for “lists”. Cleaning lists, to-do lists, note to selves, list of goals, list of things I want, list of things I need to pay for, etc. I’m just a really big fan of them, because as I mark things off I feel like i’m accomplishing a lot and it helps me to stay motivated. One of the bests things in the world for me to do — although sometimes I don’t finish them off and it bugs me, the majority of the time I end up completing them and it just gives me this great sense of releif.

But I got to thinking – does anybody else here keep any sort of lists? Maybe follow a daily schedule, or a monthly calendar? Does it help you at all? Have you always done them? I recently looked through some old papers that were in my mom’s attack, that were NOT chewed up by rats thankfully, and it seems that even in the 1st grade I was writing out lists. That is just too funny to me! I don’t remember doing them when I was that young, but according to all these things I found, I made them quite often!

With that said, I think i’m going to start writing some out tomorrow. I’m going to have a few of them. Short term goals, long term goals, things I need, things I want, weekly chores, and bills to be paid/budget. Both me and the dogs have to go to our doctor appointments this month and i’m not sure how i’m going to swing it. Snickers just needs his nails trimmed so he will be super easy, but Peppermint needs his yearly shots/exam, and his nails trimmed. Hopefully it won’t be too much. I also have to go to the doctor for my yearly exam (sorry if that’s TMI, but we’re all adults here) and get another prescription for my meds. Among that, I need some yoga blocks and a mat so I can start P90X.

But anyway, I’m getting derailed. I have a few that are simple chores .. like hang up artwork. I’ve had some wall hangings that have been put away that need to be put up. Anyway, I’m hoping that doing these lists will again give me another sense of relief, and even though this is a boring topic I hope you read it and you’ll respond if you do something similar!

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