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Gimmie some sugar, Sugar!


By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



So, we are all different sorts of age groups here so I’m curious! I was feeling a little nostalgic and I started thinking – when you were a kid, what type of candies did you like? I don’t really care for candy much anymore. It’s rare to see me eating some though a few times a year I might have something. My tastes have definitely changed though. I even remember when I was younger, for gifts my grandparents would get me and my sisters edible flower arrangements, that had candy all in it, haha. So healthy! In this blog I’ll outline a few that I loved when I was kid.

Sour warheads were my all time favorite. I used to go to Sams Club and get the really big buckets full. It was an exciting thing for me! I also really liked jaw breakers. My other set of grandparents used to have a candy jar full of them, so anytime my brother and I would visit we would get to have some, but it was always so scary to watch my brother eat them because he would bite down so hard!

Can’t forget sour punch straws! YUM, I used to absolutely LOVE them. I would lick all the sour stuff off, then bite the rest of it off in peices and suck on it until it would disolve. Haha, it sounds really kinky but it was my favorite way to eat them. Last but not least, Fun dip! If you didn’t like fun dip, shame on you!

Now that I am older and my hormones have changed – I eat more chocolates than sours. But, my hands down all time favorite candy is Andes. I think chocolate and mint is one of my favorite combinations, EVER. Seriously, way too good. When I go to the movie threatre, which is not often because I fall asleep (haha I know, pay mega bucks to go take a nap. I guess I like expensive naps!), I usually get sour patch kids! I crave them every now and then.

I find that most candies hurt my stomach, so even though I “like” some others, ultimately I end up not eating them because I don’t want to deal with the pain. But, if I could choose then it would be 3 Muskateers and Milky Way’s.

Some other old candies you might think of would be ring pops, rolos, sour gummy worms, jolly rancher, lollipops, m&m’s, skittles, etc. I am very curious!

Like this:

  • Evan

    Never was big into chocolate or candy bars, I liked runts, smarties, bubble gum. If i was gonna eat choco i like almond joy, hersheys and york peppermint patties.

    I liked hard candies, like anise and butterscotch too !!! Liked the straws too, hmm so many 😀

  • Kaylee

    I knowww, there are so many choices out there!! York peppermint patties are delish, i loveee the way the mint makes your mouth all cold haha!