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Seductress Kodi wants to show you just how naughty chats can get!


By bphface / 6 years ago / In: Articles ,



Whether listening to the Blues, riding her horses, or playing with her box of naughty toys, Kodi doesn’t do things halfway.  This sultry Canadian is among the newer wave of ICGirl models, and has already gained a well-deserved reputation for taking p-chatters on some very wild rides.  We caught up with her long enough to ask a few questions about her camming experience, her love of riding, and her vampire infatuation.


 Brian:  You’ve been camming since March – about six months now.  How does it feel to be among the lovely ladies of NNC?

 Kodi:  These have been six of the most informative and interesting months I have ever had…and I have not lead a sheltered life 😉 so that should say something.  I feel very lucky to stand up next to the lovely ladies of NNC…I only wish I could get into their p-chat rooms so I could learn a little more about them!

 Brian:  Any especially memorable experiences so far?

 Kodi:  The first time I heard that little automated man say “incoming private chat”

 Brian:  So tell us a little about yourself – who is Kodi?

 Kodi:  Just a happy go lucky Canadian girl 🙂

 Brian:  What’s it like having 4 brothers?

 Kodi:  It is an interesting dynamic thats for sure.You better know how to hustle if you have as many brothers as I do. They contributed to the Tom Boy that still resides inside of me today. You can’t imagine how many times I broke my face or some other body part trying to keep up with them…and yes, beating them off my girl friends is still a problem 😉

 Brian:  I hear you just moved.  How’s that experience been?

 Kodi:  Thank god it is over…my life was in storage for 2.5 years…lets just say I won’t be moving again for a long time.

 Brian:  I also heard you’re really into horses.  How did that happen?

 Kodi:  Horses are my passion for sure 🙂  Hear is a hint, if you don’t want to hear me talk for hours than don’t mention horses. I suppose that first pony I sat on as a little girl did it to me. Ever since then it has been an obsession. I cannot explain the love and the bond I have with horses other than to say it is true love. There is no comparison to being on the back of something that powerful and having it “allow” you to give it direction…that is like having your legs wrapped around a ferrari that has the option to drive itself. It is fast and furiously strong and  fueled by its basic instinct. An instinct it is trying to suppress its entire working life. To really ride a horse you really have to go through a period where you become seriously humbled…no amount of force, strength or smarts can help you make a horse do anything…it is something more.

 Brian:  Would you rather ride the horse, or the cowboy?

 Kodi:  Any horse girl would have to agree…the horse 😉

 Brian:  Ok, how about the horse or the CamGirl?

 Kodi:  I would always choose the horse …I am a true fanatic 🙂

 Brian:  Have you developed any lesbian crushes on any of the other CamGirls so far?

 Kodi:  Can I talk about that here 🙂

 Brian:  Is Nadia the greatest thing since sliced bread?

 Kodi:  On the real…I don’t seem to have many girl friends…I have one that has been my girl since high school and a couple I see now and again. I never would have thought that this girl Nadia would be one of my true friends…but she is real…and I am majorly down with real…she is all that and then some 🙂

 Brian:  What about music?  Is there any particular style that really gets you going?

 Kodi:  Ahhhh…the music topic…hmmm well I am a huge Blues fan…top 5 blues artists for me: T-bone Walker, Howling Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddie Waters, Sun House…and that was hard because I really love it all. I also like good hip hop…like 1992 – 1999…

 Brian:  So what can we do to really get you turned on in p-chats?

 Kodi:  Brian…is this a trick question 😉

 Brian:  Inquiring minds want to know!

 Kodi:  Every P-Chat I have is so different. I suppose I like it more when it is an interactive p-chat…maybe some filthy banter back and forth…perhaps a dip into the toy box and maybe cam2cam might get me going a little 😉

 Brian:  And your favorite sexual activities in general?  Any fetishes?

 Kodi:  Brian…your intel gathering methods are suspect 🙂  I do have many favorites and many fetishes that I act on as much as I possibly can. This is where I would like to thank the fans for their supporting hand in helping me fulfill many of my favorites as they apply to the above said question, lol! 😉

 Brian:  Your thoughts on fishnets?

 Kodi:  There is something dirty about fishnets…and I like that.

 Brian:  Rumor has it you like porn.  Care to share some details?

 Kodi:  I don’t know where you got this information…but, this is correct I am not ashamed to admit I like porn…I watch porn, I wish I had a porn subscription because re-runs burn me out 😉

 Brian:  And you also like toys, right?

 Kodi:  I do…I have the infamous fur lined box that is filled with various things…

 Brian:  Bullet or Rabbit?

 Kodi:  I believe the Rabbit is a novelty toy…though I have owned one and it did get me off… it was not high on my list of favorite toys. The bullet however is the old stand by…must have in every woman’s bag of tricks…

 Brian:  You once wrote that you had a “sick and twisted vampire fantasy.”  What’s that about?

 Kodi:  Have you ever see Aleksander Skaarsgard?

 Brian:  Speaking of which, tell us what you really think of True Blood.

 Kodi:  Alan Ball rocks my world…anything he does is deep and layered and quality. I am still watching re-runs of Six Feet Under…and this is where my sick and twisted fantasies come from…Skaarsgard is a hottie to say the least.

 Brian:  Is Iron Chef Bobby Flay as hot as his pepper dishes?

 Kodi: LOL! I hate to love him…I don’t want to want him, because he is that cocky type…but I want him because of that cockiness too…that bastard! Yes he is as hot as his pepper dishes 🙁

 Brian:  If you were a contestant on Iron Chef, what would be your preferred secret ingredient?

 Kodi:  Good question 🙂 Hmm… Cannellini Beans

 Brian:  Why don’t you eat pork?

 Kodi:  Its the dirty white meat…why else? 😉

 Brian:  Why do you eat Cheetos?

 Kodi:  I love the cheese factor of the Cheetos cheese puffs…I suck them till they melt down in my mouth. Wacky but true…lol!

 Brian:  Does Tarot really work?

 Kodi:  I don’t know what you mean when you say does Tarot really work. It is not a matter of working…if you mean does it ask you to think…reflect look deeper than yes I think it works. I think a lot of people are confused about the point of tarot…maybe confusing tarot with fortune telling… I have never read or had someone read my cards to tell me my future…

 Brian:  Did you ever figure out the Karma feature in the forums?

 Kodi:  Lol! Yes I suppose I should not have begged for those spankings…but…you know me Brian, always pushing the envelope.

 Brian:  Let’s play a little game called Horse Riding or Kinky Sex:

      Canter — Horses gait

      Donkey Punch — Lol! Kink Sex…

      Cribbing — Horses do  it…nervous sort of throat/air thing

      Flying Change — Helllzzz ya when I am changing leads across a diagonal…ON MY HORSE 😉

 Brian:  You’re out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

 Kodi:  My favorite black patent leather high heel boots…cause I love to stomp around in them…probably a form fitting darker denim….wife beater and some sort of funky hat…likely for dinner…I love good  food, with a select few.

 Brian:  And what do you do afterwards?

 Kodi:  Come home kick back on the couch and take it easy…

 Brian:  Have you decided to change your mind about that oil massage I want to give you?

 Kodi:  Skip the massage unless you do deep tissue 😉

 Brian:  Thanks for taking the time to have an interview!  Any parting words for your future adoring fans?

 Kodi:  You guys rock!!

 Kodi wants you to do naughty things to her – and vice versa!  Stop by to catch her and her box of toys on p-chats at NonNudeCams and NudeAdultCams.  Vampires are welcome.

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    Loved the interview. But Bobby Flay? Seriously?