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Birthday girl Shanelle wants you to help her celebrate – CWH style!


By bphface / 6 years ago / In: Articles ,



As summer starts winding down, the lovely ladies at Camwithher are still keeping things hot and sexy!  Helping to kick off the month right, CWH’s very own Shanelle will celebrate her birthday on August 2 with a special one-hour free chat at 10 PM Eastern.  This free-range hottie from the Midwest has also recently celebrated her one-year anniversary at CWH, with no signs of slowing down.  We asked Shanelle to answer a few questions about being the birthday girl, her love of football, and how much she enjoys dirty talk.

Brian: Hey Shanelle!  Thanks for taking some time out to answer a few questions.  Are you ready to reveal all of your many juicy and sordid secrets?

Shanelle: Mmmmm I can’t tell all of them – then they wouldn’t be secrets.  LOL

Brian: I heard someone has a birthday coming up.  Do you know anything about that?

Shanelle: A woman never talks about aging – but since you bring it up yes I will be celebrating another birthday on Aug. 2nd!!!

Brian: So tell us how you came to be one of the lovely CWH CamGirls.

Shanelle: Well it is interesting because I heard about the site through a male friend who knew I was looking for a job, after the company I was doing accounting for had to close down due to the economy.  I checked into it and started with NNC but within a very short amount of time I was moved to CWH and have loved every day since!

Brian: Do you remember your first p-chat experience?

Shanelle: I do not specifically remember the first one no but I do remember being scared to death that I was going to do something wrong.

Brian: You just celebrated your one-year anniversary here at CWH.  How did that feel?

Shanelle: It went by SO fast – I truly can’t believe I have already been at CWH for a year but it has been an amazing and fun year.  I have learned a lot, met a lot of awesome friends, and enjoyed myself immensely.

Brian: Is there any kind of p-chat scenario that you’ve never tried but always wanted to?

Shanelle: Not anything specific, I enjoy trying new things and am open for just about anything.

Brian: Any lesbian crushes on any of the other CamGirls?

Shanelle: Hmm I can’t tell but there are a few yes that I perv on frequently!

Brian: What is the “Shanelle Entourage”?

Shanelle: Only the coolest group of people EVER!!!  🙂

Brian: You recently decided to go brunette, rather than your traditional blond.  How was that experience?

Shanelle: The brunette was just a trial – something a little fun I had been thinking of doing.  It was interesting all of the responses and quite amusing.  I am fond of being a blonde though so I will stick to that I think!

Brian: I heard you used to be a personal trainer.  What was that like?

Shanelle: Ohh I loved it, being able to help people feel better and look better is a great experience.  It’s like the overall transformation and how confident they are once they have reached their goal.  🙂  Very rewarding!

Brian: Do you still accept clients for “special” workout sessions?

Shanelle: LOL – I help some of my girl friends out for free!

Brian: I noticed that you now have a sexy, topless Zip Set available.  How was that experience?

Shanelle: It’s fun – I love putting out new things to see if my fans enjoy them.  There will be more zip sets to come if it is successful and there is a desire for more!

Brian: You and Layla also made a zip together, and looks like it was a lot of fun (and then some)!  Care to share some details?

Shanelle: I’m going to plead the 5th on this one…but I am hoping to go see her again soon!

Brian: Any plans for some more zips?

Shanelle: We will see how these first two go – it’s all about what the guys want!

Brian: What is a “Cheesehead”?

Shanelle: A nickname for Packers fans as well as this awesome hat….

Brian: Why are they called “Packers”?

Shanelle: The Packers were founded in 1919 by Curley Lambeau and George Calhoun of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. Lambeau asked his employer, the Indian Packing Company, for money to buy uniforms. They gave him $500 on the condition that the team be named after the company. Lambeau named the team the ‘Packers’.

Brian: So a hot guy makes a move on you while you’re trying to watch a football game.  Your response?

Shanelle: I don’t care how hot he is….you don’t bother me while watching football!  End of story.

Brian: And if Layla makes a move on you during a game?

Shanelle: Depends what game it is – regular season or post season?

Brian: Tell us what you really think about the Dallas Cowboys.

Shanelle: Well I will try to be “appropriate” because this will be read by many.  BUT I am a lifelong, true, bleed green and yellow, Green Bay Packers fan so that means I HATE THE COWBOYS!!!  Not just because they have a whiny girl quarterback if that is even what you call Romo.  Or because Jerry Jones is probably the biggest idiots ever.  Or because they call themselves America’s team when they are not even the best team in Texas. Or because their team constantly consists of criminals.  Or that they prove everything that is wrong with pro sports today – the arrogance, greed, poor sportsmanship, etc.  Or the fact that this is my longest answer of this entire interview.  LOL – all in all….GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian: I seem to recall, though, an incident involving your breasts and some Cowboy pasties…

Shanelle: Never heard of such an absurd thing!

Brian: So you’re in p-chats.  What can a guy do to unleash some of that sexual energy?

Shanelle: One of my fav things is dirty talk. I really enjoy playing off of what a guy is saying and talking naughty right back to him – that surely gets me going.

Brian: And what do you not like p-chatters to do?

Shanelle: Tell me what to do or hurry up – like one of the other girls says…It’s not a race – It’s a show…. sit back and enjoy it!

Brian: What is your favorite sexual position / activity, and why?

Shanelle: Depends on my mood – I like to be in control quite a bit but I always enjoy a man taking a little initiative and throwing me down on the bed and …… hmmmm

Brian: Is it on like Donkey Kong?

Shanelle: You know it!!!

Brian: Are you ever going to put the stripper pole back up?

Shanelle: Haha – OMG I totally forgot till you just mentioned that. 

Brian: It is better to give than to receive!  Does the birthday girl have any surprises in store for us?

Shanelle: Hmmm see above?  Hint hint – lol

Brian: What can we expect from Shanelle during your second year at CWH?

Shanelle: Well it’s all about supply and demand right?  You guys demand something and I will supply it lol.  Always looking to please my fans so I will work very hard at that.

Brian: Thanks for taking some time to answer my questions!  Anything else you’d like to say?

Shanelle: Of course a shoutout!  Thank you to everyone at CWH: the members, fans, admins, girls, etc.  You all make this place the #1 cam site in my mind and I look forward to many more fun filled years with you all!  XOXO

The Surgeon General of the United States has recently confirmed that attempting sexual activity with Shanelle during a Packers game may lead to severe bodily injury.  However, he also notes that viewing her p-chats can have cardiovascular benefits similar to a strenous aerobic workout.

Shanelle will celebrate her birthday with a special one-hour free chat on Monday, August 2 at 10:00 PM Eastern.  Stop by to congratulate her at CamWithHer or NudeAdultCams, buy her a gift off of her wishlist, or send her a giftcard to

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