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Hey babes :)


By Brookie / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Sooooo I am so thankful that the weather has turned around! I was having to clean up water that was coming into my apartment from all the aweful storms we have been getting. It was no beuno! I guess that is what you get for living in the tropics and right on the beach! I guess the bad with the good right?

Well I went out to the beach the other day…and what did I find…two kittens starving and dehydrated and dirty as ****. So maybe as a few of you know I already have two cats 5 years old. I could not however just leave these two outside to die. There is a big stray problem here and these two were totally helpless! They are 7 weeks old which is the age the mother says cya! And they werent doing too well…whats really odd is they did not run away they actually came up to me and sat down right beneath my chair….So I went upstairs to get them some food and water and I have never seen an animal eat/drink like that. I felt sooooooooo bad for them. So guess what! They came back to my apartment with me…to make a family of 5 LOL…save me now! I took them to the vet and they are healthy! Besides the normal fleas, worms, etc. However, I was trying to find them a home but I had to pay wayyyyyyy too much money so for now they are sticking with me. I am going to have to start saving for these little two to finish up their shots…but that is alright its worth it to see them happy and healthy. 🙂
I must say a big thank you though to some certain people that have looked out for not only me but these two new additions…it really is such a blessing to have you fellas and to know that I have someone not only looking out for me but for the whittle kittens in my life 🙂 melts my heart…thank u and you know who you are!!!

Well babes I am around for a little bit today…Also for a little bit tomorrow I hope to catch you!!! 🙂

Like this:

  • ben

    Love the new blog.

    And that pic is one of my favorites

  • xoxo-brooke-xoxo

    awww TY Ben! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it…and a special extra big thank YOU!