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random update =)


By AiKo / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Sooooooo,… it looks like I need to get a new computer. My keyboard gets moody. Sometimes it works, like now, and at other times, it goes crazy and starts typing randomness. It has a mind of its own or its possessed. haha. Sux cuz I don’t really want to spend money on a new one. I just use it for basics: e-mail, watching shows on hulu, and most importantly, to be here. So if I’m gone for a whlie, you know why. =(

Tonight I had a very interesting chat with a few people. One that I thought I never would have. We were discussing my future career! I’ve been contemplating going back to school to work in the medical field. I think pursuing a doctorate degree would be a little too involved, so I’m considering applying to a physician’s assistant program. Can you imagine me being a doctor’s wing woman? haha. I can! I wish I could be Dr. Aiko but medical school is extremely difficult to get into. boo. Well time for me to go eat my din din. hehe. so hungry! and I feel like I’m full of sugar. I ate so many dums dums during my chats. hehe. I like it though. K til next time! byebye!

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