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Ramble, ramble


By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



OMG, I’ve been wanting to post forever but I’ve had absolutely nothing going on so my choices for what to talk about are limited. I finally got to order my dogs some food, they have been eating whatever I can scrape up for them .. chicken, fish, mixed in with a little pumpkin since their tummies hurt from it. Poor guys! But their food should be here soon enough and since i’m taking them off the wet food and getting them on dry kibble and wild alaskan oil as a gravy, the costs of their food is going to go way down for me. I mean, a big bag of it is expensive since it’s the best dry food on the market right now but it should last several months since I’ll be feeding a smaller serving and got the biggest bag available. I need to feel like a good mommy again!

Sooo, my electricity went out today! I have never paid it late before and I haven’t gotten my bill for this month yet but man I was freaking out that it was my fault lol. The only reason i woke up was because I actually slept at a decent time last night, but also the fan was off so I was freaking hot! I didn’t know how long I had been sleeping with it out, so I moved all the fridge food to the freezer since it was colder in there and went outside and peeked at the neighbors houses to see if it was just me or not haha. Well, I checked for the bill and I still haven’t got it, so it’s not me .. just a random outage I guess. I was so bored that I pulled out my crayola’s and coloring books that I keep for when I have younger kids over, and colored a few pages haha!

I should have cleaned but man, so not in the mood to clean today. So, forget that! haha.

On another news, I seemed to have finally mastered the art of peeling an orange. LOL not kidding it’s so hard for me to do it, they always turn out all mutated and fucked up. Maybe I just have a good set of oranges this time around, but they have turned out perfect! In a pathetic, giddy way .. i am excited about it lol.

I’ve started playing bubble bobble again. It’s so much easier for me to win now that I know the tricks. My goal is to gather all the foods/objects/prizes .. I wonder if there is EVER a “true ending” lol. Who knows!

Anddd I’ve been researching my little butt off for these green smoothies and going greener in my diet. I’m almost ready to start! When i’m in the season I’m going to start doing some gardening to grow my own greens and maybe fruits. i’m excited, i really need a hobby and something to get me outside more. I tend to stay in so often that I get depressed and/or sick, that nothing a little sunshine couldn’t make better.

Okay, well I think that’s it! Hope to hear from you all soon!

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  • Evan

    Crayola’s FTW 🙂