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Happy Saturday!


By Jenna / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Mornin’, or shall I say, AFTERNOON?! Last night was fun. I invited a bunch of friends over and held a small beer pong tournament. It was lots of fun! I did get pretty drunk, slink off to my bedroom and passed right on out! And I woke up and realized I left my contacts in, eeeew! I hate it when that happens. It always feels like my eyelids are glued together! Anyway, I’m just hanging out in my room in my t-shirt and panties, heehee. I think I will put some pants on soon and get something to eat out of the kitchen. In a few hours, I am going to head out and see a good friend and hang out at his house for the UFC fight tonight (on a 60 inch TV!!!). I would like to see how he is doing since he got in a major car accident a few months ago and he is still recovering. Then I’ll head back in town and hang out with a few friends again I guess. I’m thinking a girls night is totally on! Oh, I have been looking up rat breeders and some of them have litters and I have been e-mailing trying to see if there are girls available cause I would love to add a pair of baybeeeez to my Turtle and “one with many names”. I even have names picked out, LOL! I want to name them Zebra and Zorro (Zorro means fox in spanish, so it’s not that sly bandit yall are thinking about!). I’m a little excited, especially cause I LOVE dumbo babies and these litters have curly hair (Rex). I’m pretty stoked! I hope I hear back or my heart will be crushed hehe. Anyway, I want to bbq tomorrow but that darned hurricane is flinging all these storms in my direction so it’s just been constant cloudiness and rain :[ soo lame!

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