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A Day At The Beach


By nyli / 6 years ago / In: General , P-Chats , Updates



I had so much fun yesterday!!! I spent the whole day at some beach on Lake Erie. I got just a lil bit of a sunburn that will eventually turn into a nice tan.

I hung out with my roomie’s friends from work. I guess you can say it was a work party. I didn’t get any pictures because I left my iPhone in the cottage. The beach was crowded and I was paranoid of someone stealing my stuff. And my bikini sucked! *pouts*

I spend an hour in the morning trying to decide which bikini to wear. I felt uncomfortable in all of them because they all were too big on me this year. I need to find a new tighter bikini that gives me nice cleavage. hehe.

This morning I’m all stuffed up. Yuck!!!! I cannot stop blowing my nose and my lungs feel wheezy. I am blaming my roomie’s friends for this one. They smoke cigarettes and I am a non-smoker. They were smoking it in the car and in the cottage. Gross. What a difference it makes when you hang out with smokers. They are really cool people, and I have nothing against people who smoke, but what a difference it makes on me in the morning. I feel like I need to detox my lungs or something. Hahhaaha!

Plan for today? Run 10K. I think I need to. I ate a bit of naughty food yesterday at the beach and I feel like I need to get that crap burned out of me. LOL! Then I need to shower and wash out the smoke smell. My hair reeks like tobacco! And then I plan on getting on cam this afternoon/evening. Today is cheap private chats so I hope to see you around!

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