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Dream Cream?


By Femme / 6 years ago / In: General ,



So, here’s the deal. I’ve gone a researching binge lately. It started when I was researching birth control and learning just about every type of birth control out there. Hormonal, non-hormonal, and otherwise. Soon it spilled over into the realm of learning about enhancement creams and the like. Soon enough I found my head full of all types of useful sexual information. Here are a couple of tips for you men, so that you can help out your females…

#1: Most forms of birth control pills will hinder a womans libido. And not just while she’s taking the pill, but permanently What is the freakin point of birth control is she doesn’t want to have sex anymore?!

#2: Birth control pills can be quite hazardous to health as we have seen with recent events such as the Yaz lawsuits. If you’re not alive or handicapped… how are you supposed to screw?

#3: Most birth controls contain a combination of two forms of hormones. There is a type of pill out there called the “progestogen only pill” which  only contains one hormone. It is void of any estrogen which is the main culprit in all the nasty side effects and health issues. INCLUDING LIBIDO. It’s probably the only pill that has been shown to not affect androgen levels. They go by the name of “mini-pill” or “POP” and it is important to distinguish between the fact that these are “progestogen” and not “progestin” pills. Progestin in the man-made artificial hormone version of naturally occuring progestogen. This is probably the safest form of pill available currently. But the daily pill taking schedule is much more strict. You have to take it at the same exact time everyday (within a 3 hour window) for it to be effective. If you miss a pill or take one too late, you have to use back-up birth control for 48 hours. But I ask you this… isn’t it worth not having the nasty side effects? and fewer health dangers?

#4: Apparently there is something out there called “Dream Cream”. It contains two ingredients proven to increase blood flow to the area it is topically applied to. Arginine and Aminophylline. I ordered a jar today. Here’s a link to what this type of cream is supposed to do. fun, eh? I’ll give you a full report after I try this stuff out. 🙂

So now that I’ve filled your head with too much information that you didn’t want to know… I’ll be leaving. Ciao!

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