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Nyli’s Psychic Predictions


By nyli / 6 years ago / In: Events , Humor , News



Hahahahah! Okay I want to share this strange dream I had the other night. I dreamed I had a tarot card reading. The pictures on the cards in my dream were not like my regular tarot symbols. Most of them were pictures of real places. Some of the cards had words on them. Anyhoo, it felt like I was seeing into the future. Maybe this is a prediction? I know you are going to think I’m crazy but your too late because I already think I am. Hahhaah! I’m posting this.. just in case it does come true… Cuz that would be crazy!!! But I wish these not to come true because they are not very nice. 🙁

* Earthquake to hit the Toronto area (GTA), big enough to do quit a bit of damage (and we don’t get Earthquakes here LOL)
* Big earthquake in Vancouver this summer
* A terrorist attack in July in Toronto and Vancouver. I think an airplane got hijacked in Toronto and I kept seeing this woman. I think there would be a woman along with the men terrorists.
* The economy comes to a complete crash by mid-August. I’m talking major inflation to the point where you cannot even buy groceries anymore because you won’t be able to afford it.
* WW3 starts soon after that.
* Obama get assassinated in September. First there will be an attempt, but the second time he will be dead.
* Something supernatural happens globally in late November, and has a lot of people questioning their faith in God.

    Weird fucking shit eh? Yep, I am guilty of watching too many strange movies and reading too much independent media. LOL! But the other night my brain decided to mix up all my strange ideas and fuck with my dreams. LOL! Well I hope none of this shit comes true but I just wanted to post it anyways because I have the craziest imagination. Eeeek!

    Like this:

    • Casino

      Wow, I dunno Nyli. I don’t believe any of that is likely. Maybe the Vancouver earthquake (not that I wish for that).

      Maybe it’s all a metaphor. Like when you say “Vancouver” what you’re brain is really trying to say is “vagina”, like you’re vagina is gonna quake a lot (in a pleasurable way).

      Good read tho. 🙂

    • Hannah

      omg i’m building a bunker

    • And guess what?!?!?!?!

      A 5.0-5.5 earthquake was felt in TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Kill me now!

    • ratmguy2

      I thought about your prediction when I read an article about the quake today. You’re Nylidamus! Kinda like Nostradamus

    • Casino

      Here I am eating my words.