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Hey guys!


By Ling / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Hope u guys had a good weekend and all the father’s out there had an AWESOME weekend and felt super appreciated 🙂 And I hope they feel appreciated EVERYDAY <3

So tomorrow is the day that had to come… *sigh I start summer school tomorrow and taking the dreaded Organic Chemistry class. The teacher had some ‘interesting’ reviews on ratemyproffessor. Interesting as in BAD lol But there was like 2 outta 20 that were good. 😛 He is the only one teaching the class during summer and I guess I could wait til next semester to take it but I rather take care of organic chemistry now and get it outta the way and have it be an 8 week class and NOT a 16 week class. I got both books already for HALF the cost of what it was in the bookstore. I read reviews that he doesnt even use one of the books!! Grr! But they were both cheap on amazon so if he does not use it I wont be as mad since it wasnt $100!

And Ill be taking my 1st vacation of the summer in July. Ill be gone the 1st til the 4th. I decided to take it then cause my class would just be starting and wouldnt have any major things like tests or quizzes that would take up so much of my time. It will be a nice trip with my sisters up north. A nice lil road trip and we will check out places in northern Cali 🙂 Looking fwd to that!!!

I am sure I will still have lotsa time to get on here. But Ill prob have to do lotsa multitasking cause I know I will have LOTS of reading and studying to do. This will be my 2nd time taking Ochem because I took it my VERY 1st year in college and it was TORTURE! But after being in college so many years now 😛 I think I am ready to tackle it!! 🙂

*kisses <3

Like this:

  • Evan

    And a well deserve vacation for you too 🙂 Ochem does suck, but if anyone can Ace it, you can. 🙂

    Ratemyprofessor hmm never heard of that lol. I bet he wont be that bad…. maybe 😛 If anyone can multitask and still get all her studying in, its definitely you.

    Good Luck on the first day of class tomorrow 🙂 What you gonna wear 🙂