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15 things on my mind


By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



1. I think more people need to comment on my interview, because i’m so curious to know what everybody thinks of it!

2. I took my piercings out 🙁 the monroe and my nose. super regretting it and hoping i will move past it soon.

3. I love cartoons and when i’m sick or feeling bad, they still make me feel just as good as they did whenever i was a kid.

4. I totally can’t wait to get my amazon items because i’m getting my new awesome blender and books to go with it and a new costume (surprise!) and i am super excited and happy about it!

5. My new dog peppermint is the funniest dog ever, but i sure do wish he would get this potty training thing down.

6. I have an ear infection, WHY OH WHY JUST SHOOT ME NOW PLEASE.

7. I have a fear of onions. Everything about them scares me, grosses me out and just ew.

8. I really like to smell good, so perfume, body sprays, lotions, etc are my favorite!

9. My mom just got a new cat, she said she wasn’t going to get anymore pets but the cat was abandoned and she couldn’t help it. her name is Mim .. mad mad mad marvelous madame mim! aka mimzi.

10. i really like to ask and answer questions, they are really fun and i wish more people would ask me things about myself in my forum!

11. I’m the most random person i know, i often jump from one topic to another when i’m talking to somebody and just when i’m sitting around thinking.

12. I had a craving for corndogs not too long ago and now i deeply regret it 🙁 i dont even like corndogs!

13. i love to sing but i’m horrible at it, it doesn’t stop me from singing aloud when i’m alone though.

14. i love to do puzzles! i’ve been thinking about starting them again but i’m worried about the dogs getting on them. hmm.

15. i’ve been really wanting some new lingerie and costumes lately, it’s starting to eat at me. but. i found a bed set that i really, really, really want and i’ve decided it’s more important and it’s the one thing i really want for myself. must. get. bedding set.

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