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Our interview with Kaylee, Camming Veteran and CWH’s Miss Congeniality!


By bphface / 6 years ago / In: Articles ,



If we ever produced an official visitor’s guide to the world of SNR Camming, the lovely Kaylee would undoubtedly write the introductory greeting, accompanied by several of her jaw-dropping photos to show newcomers our special, seductive brand of hospitality.  Indeed, if you have not yet met Kaylee in either the chats or the forums, your experience is simply not complete.  One of CWH’s First Ladies, Kaylee’s been around the block a few times, and just keeps getting better.  We invited Kaylee to tell us a little about herself, her lesbian crush on Nyli, and her significant contributions to making CWH the most excellent camming community online!

 Brian:  So for those who may not have had a chance to get to know you, tell us who Kaylee really is.

 Kaylee:  I think I’m the type of person that you’re either going to like, or you’re going to dislike. At first, I feel like people are drawn to me and sincerely want to know me more. I think after a while, people get tired of me except the ones who have been around FOREVER. I’m more of a best friend person rather than many acquaintances. I’m a funny girl, I have a passion for making people laugh and smile as I love to see that side of people. I’m very emotionally fragile but getting tougher by the day, sometimes I live up to the “moody” stereotype given to females. I’m very sweet and kind hearted, I only have good intentions with the things I do and I go back and forth between living in the moment and living in the future. I’m a really good listener, though sometimes a little spacey, I have an uncontrollable urge for helping people who are in need and helping animals. My life could probably be explained through a series of songs and though I’ve been through many things in life, I continue to push forward. I love to have fun, I get a little scared of trying new things sometimes but all I need is a push and I’ll do anything once. You only have one life to live, and I try to follow that to the best of my abilities. Overall, I’m very laid back and go-to girl. I can help anybody with anything and I’m very perceptive. Sometimes I think I’m a little psychic because I can tell what others are thinking or what they’re going to do, how they’re going to act or react. I think sometimes I can be simple, other times I can be complex. I love to make people happy and disappointment is not something I handle well. I’m VERY honest, actually a terrible liar, and all I want more than anything is to be happy. I guess I should also mention that I’m EXTREMELY stubborn, it’s really hard to get through to me. I will listen to your advice, but I won’t always follow it – either way, I appreciate you just for being there and lending a shoulder or an ear. Maybe I should have worded myself as “complicated” lol.

 Brian:  What made you decide to become a webcam model and how did you find CWH?

 Kaylee:  Hm, lol. I used to be on a few rating/social networking websites, popular ones where a lot of the first CWH girls came from. I knew the owners from there as well as a lot of the girls, and I used to mod with a few on another website. Unfortunately, I was too young! By the time it was a few months before my 18th birthday, one of the owners kept coming to me wanting me to join – who was I to say no?! I guess it was just appealing to me, it’s a fun job. I liked the risk of it, it just seemed like a good idea. Not to mention I knew all the girls so it was a comfort zone as well.

 Brian:  You’ve been here on and off for about five years now – how does it feel to have been around basically since the beginning?

 Kaylee:  It feels great! I love the fact that I’ve been around so long, that I’ve seen many people come and go and have met a lot of people on the forums and in p-chats. It’s cool to see so many changes and improvements and being able to answer anybody’s questions about things.

 Brian:  What was camming like back in the day (3-5 years ago)?

 Kaylee:  It was different, some good ways and some bad. The non-nude category was popular for us and was awesome, but now that we have a nude option it’s cool to have that ability, lots more fun. I was totally against being nude at first because we were non-nude for so long. I’m glad we get to choose between one or both now. We had more customers then which was nice, I hope that happens again!

 Brian:  And how has it changed since then?

 Kaylee:  We have less customers now, and more options with our camming – voyeur, nudeadultcams, topless m-chats, free chat limits, being able to broadcast on free chat, cam 2 cam, shall i go on? I love that we have improved so much, it makes it better for models and customers alike.

 Brian:  I notice you like to post in the forums a lot – you’re up to about 2700 pages of forum posts.  What’s the deal?

 Kaylee:  The forums are my favorite part of this job! I love talking to people, it is a great way to get to know somebody. It’s fun to post and participate, post pictures, view pictures, talk via PM. I just overall enjoy it very much.

 Brian:  How does it feel to have almighty Mod powers?

 Kaylee:  It feels great! I’m glad I have them because I’ve always helped out around here, mostly behind the scenes that member’s don’t have access to, and I used to always report things when somebody would break the rules, if a spammer would post, or if somebody would bump a ton of threads from a long time ago. Now, instead of making somebody else take care of it, I can do myself. I spend a lot of my spare time banning spammers to keep them from posting. I love to have the powers because I love to help and am aware of all the rules here. It sure beats having to have somebody else do it for me

 Brian:  I know you have some camgirl friends.  Who are they?

 Kaylee:  In person I know Jenna, Dahlia, Kinley and Aubrielle! Some are not models anymore. I’m also friends with several girls who I plan to meet up with someday soon, like Gieda (also no longer here) and Nicole. I grew up with Jenna, we’ve been best friends since we were eight years old. When I first joined at age 18, I told her about it. About two years ago I think it was, she finally joined herself! I love her like I would my own sister. Dahlia and I haven’t known each other as long, but the very first night I met her I instantly felt a closeness! I really enjoy being around her and I consider her to be one of my really good friends. Aubrielle lived with me for a short while before I moved again, and I only met Kinley the one day because she drove down with Aubrielle.

 Brian:  Any lesbian crushes with the other camgirls?

 Kaylee:  I have always been completely in love with Nyli! Not only is she so gorgeous, but she’s smart, motivated and I just love her personality! My next girl would be Nina. Who doesn’t love Nina?! Also completely beautiful and her personality is so awesome, she always puts me in a good mood.

 Brian:  Tell me a little bit about your first p-chat experience.

 Kaylee:  It was AWFUL. I got this really nice guy, he was really accepting and helpful considering that I was nervous. Then it wound up that he had a stolen credit card so I lost all my money! Nice guy, my butt! I was really upset by it, and it was very discouraging! My first one on NNC, hmmm. I don’t really remember, but it was a lot better and I wasn’t as nervous. I think when every girl starts she doesn’t have a clue what she’s supposed to do, but eventually you get it down – it’s all about both parties being happy!

 Brian:  What’s one of the weirdest things you have had to do in p-chats?

 Kaylee:  I thankfully don’t get a lot of weird requests or fantasies! I had one guy who wanted me to pretend that I was a sales clerk and he was shopping in my store, then he goes into the dressing room and masturbates and wants me to pretend like I’m walking in on him and I’m shocked then suddenly turned on. Hey, everybody has got their fantasies! I’m not going to say it doesn’t make me giggle, though.

 Brian:  Is there any kind of p-chat scenario that you’ve never tried, but always wanted to do?

 Kaylee:  There is one, but I’d rather keep quiet about it right now because I plan on running a free chat with it soon and I don’t want to give away any hints. I think it will be tons of fun!

 Brian:  Is there a Kaylee M-chat somewhere in the not-too-distant future?

 Kaylee:  Well, I am not a camwithher girl so the only way I can do m-chats is if i do it in my own time and unscheduled. Maybe in my chat room, or maybe in the m-chat room. But let me tell you, I would love to be able to do m-chats, and I hope a promotion is in my future!

 Brian:  Admins, take note!  So, if you weren’t camming, what kind of job would you love to have?

 Kaylee:  Assuming that I’ve been to school and everything, my dream job would be a vet. My second choice is advertising design – I’d love to learn more about it and do something in that field.

 Brian:  What kind of job would you hate having?

 Kaylee:  Anything that has to do with cars. No thank you!

 Brian:  And your actual goals or plans?

 Kaylee:  Finishing school with different degrees, working hard to fulfill my dreams and having my own no-kill animal shelter are pretty much my long term goals but I’m not sure I’ll ever become a vet like I’d want to and be able to have my shelter. My short term goals vary by the day really. I push myself really hard to get things done and achieved!

 Brian:  Do you have any brothers or sisters?  What’s your relationship like?

 Kaylee:  I have five other brothers and sisters, I’m the oldest out of all of them. I’ve got three sisters, and two brothers. For personal reasons I’d rather not use their names, so I’m going to refer to them by their ages. The 20 year old and I used to be very close – we still have our moments but she moved away with her mom out of state so we had a big gap in which we lost that closeness. We can still have a good time together, but I do miss how we used to be. It’s always good to see her when I can. She moved back to Texas recently! The 14 year old and I were complete opposite. We used to fight all the time – never got along! Now even though there’s a big age difference, I feel VERY close to her and I probably trust her the most out of all my siblings. She’s very mature for her age and sometimes I forget that I’m talking to a young teenager and not just a friend. I love her to death and I appreciate and love how close we’ve gotten. With my 13 year old brother, we probably have the closest relationship. Not because I love him more than my other siblings, but because I pretty much raised him. His mother isn’t the best in the world, and our dad was always working when he was younger. I wound up being stuck with him and babysitting all the time, but it had a really good influence on our relationship. We’re amazingly close, because not only do we have a brother/sister bond but we have a mother/son bond, so to speak. He’s one of my favorite people in this world. My 11 year old brother is incredibly funny but pretty shy to those he doesn’t know. He’s constantly impressing me and making me happy with the little things he does. He’s one of the most well behaved out of all the kids, never gives me any trouble and our one-on-one time is absolutely to die for because you can really get to know him and share things with him. I love him, and I’m really glad to have him in my life. The 5 year old is a handful! She can be a major sweetheart, but she can also be a pain in the butt. I hope that goes away when she gets older! She is the splitting image of me, and sooo cute. She can definitely win your heart over if you’ve got the patience for her. She’s my little girl, and I can’t wait to see what she will be like when she grows older!

 Brian:  I heard you father is a veteran.  Can you tell me a little bit about it?

 Kaylee:  I was born a Marine brat.  He’s been into military stuff for all his life and he has a lot to be proud of. He is home now, but he spent over 3 years in Iraq and Afghanistan, and some surrounding cities. He managed to stay safe and we’re very thankful for that because there were some close calls. So scary to think about. We’re glad he got to come home finally, but with his job description he was hard to replace and apparently they didn’t think anybody can do his job as well as he could. Because of that he wound up changing jobs and is closer to home. They move him around a lot so it’s hard to know where he’s going to be and how long. He has honorable mention in several fields and though I’m not getting too much in detail, I’m very proud of him, but I’m very ready for him to be HOME for good, and not in another city or another country. This last time was supposed to be his last trip there, but I don’t think it is. I think he’ll end up overseas for much longer, and while I appreciate and respect everything he does, I wish he could just stay with his family.

 Brian:  Tell us about your two short, furry roommates.

 Kaylee:  Snickers and Peppermint are both male Teddy Roosevelt Terriers (Type B Rat Terriers). They are completely awesome, and best friends with each other! Pepper is really stubborn, goofy and affectionate. He loves to play with every toy every day, sticks to me like glue, and is so entertaining that he makes me laugh all the time. He is a little clumsy and loves to run around and have fun. Snickers is my original baby boy, and one of my best friends. He is real perceptive to my emotions and always puts me in a good mood. He’s very playful but can be pretty serious also. He loves to be with his mommy and his favorite thing to do is lay in a bed and look out the windows. Both dogs are so sweet and I love them more than anything!

 Brian:  What gets Kaylee feeling frisky?

 Kaylee:  I’m naturally a control freak. It really turns me on when a guy can regain some of that control back and over me. Many girls wouldn’t say this I think, but it takes a special kind of guy to get me to really LISTEN to him and what he wants me to do, most of the time I’ll listen but end up doing my own thing. I like a strong, muscular handsome guy. I like rugged handsome men. I prefer blondes but I usually end up with brunettes. I LOVE facial hair, especially a goatee, I like to play with them. But I really like a guy to be spontaneous and randomly grab me and take me! I love strong hands, shoulders, arms, chests, etc. It’s definitely my weakness and it’ll get me in the mood.

 Brian:  What kind of kisser are you?

 Kaylee:  A really good one! No, seriously, if I analyze my entire dating life one of the things that I’m constantly complimented on and never once hear anything bad about, is how good a kisser I am. The good thing about me is I don’t kiss the same way every time. I love to experiment with kissing! Sometimes I like to kiss people just to see how their kissing style is and if they’re any good. I can be soft and sensual, little traces of my tongue and soft nibbles on the lips. On the other hand, I can be fast and rough – lots of tongue play and teasing that will take your breath away. I’m not only going to leave you satisfied, I’m going to leave you wanting more. I like to match the personality of who I’m kissing as well as give them a thrill and something new, keep it spiced up (and not just down south ). Cocky maybe, but I’m just THAT good of a kisser.

 Brian:  *Note to self: Buy breath mints*  Describe your sexual style.  Are you intimate? Controlling? (Don’t get too detailed…LOL).

 Kaylee:  Again it depends on who I’m with. I like to mix it up. I’m more submissive in bed than anywhere else, but if I’m comfortable enough then I can take control. I don’t really prefer it as in all my fantasies it’s my tough guy that’s showing his strength. I can be very intimate, but I can also appreciate good fun and not every sexual encounter has to be a “lovey” one, sometimes you just want to get down and dirty!

 Brian:  Do you ever fantasize about being with someone?  If so, who?

 Kaylee:  I fantasize about people I know for real and who I have dated, and sometimes I’ll fantasize about the guys at the gym (you know I’m swooning every time I’m there! My kind of fellas!). Sometimes I fantasize about a few of my exes. If you’re talking about somebody I don’t know – then Ted DiBiase Jr.! I met him and I fell in love! Okay a description… There’s two types of looks I generally fantasize about and find myself swooning over: Dirty blonde/blonde, blue eyes, tan, facial hair, muscles, athletic, gym lover, nice smile, tall, etc. The other is practically the same except dark hair and green eyes. Yeah, I’m not picky at all! Think George Clooney, Chris Pine, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Kevin Costner.

 Brian:  Wow, I think you just described me (though I still have some work to do in the muscle and tan department)!  So what can a guy do to get you really turned on in a p-chat?

 Kaylee:  I love it when a guy dirty talks with me. I prefer a guy to take control and let me know what he wants me to do, but it seems most guys do NOT like that and would rather that I take control. I don’t like to dirty talk when I’m the only one talking, but when the guys are talking with me I just think it’s so hot!

 Brian:  And what do you NOT like a guy to do in a p-chat?

 Kaylee:  I don’t like it when they don’t say anything. I understand it’s hard to type and everything (lol) but it’s real discouraging for me and pretty boring because I don’t know if I’m doing the right things or not, and it’s hard to cam when you think you are just talking to yourself the whole time, and harder to get into it because you don’t know what they like.

 Brian:  You’re headed out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

 Kaylee:  With my best friends, wearing something comfortable but cute and headed to a mini golf place! I love to play mini golf and have fun, and I also love to play the arcade games afterwards. I find it so fun! A while back I would have said a bar or a club, but honestly, I just really like to have some good, old-fashioned fun.

 Brian:  And what do you do afterwards?

 Kaylee:  Get a little dinner, head back home and hang out playing video games or just talking like old times. I’d love to have an old school type slumber party with some of my favorite girls!

 Brian:  What’s your favorite sex position and why?

 Kaylee:  I like missionary, which might sound boring, but it’s the most comfortable for me and feels the best, I get off better in this position these days. It used to be doggy, but i don’t like it as much now!

 Brian:  Anything you want to say to your fans?

 Kaylee:  Thank you for everything! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you fellas and I always have such a good time when we’re chatting. You are so great and I wouldn’t be the same without you. I love our shows, talking on the forums, everything.  Just by having you guys on my side makes the job better. Who doesn’t like to get naughty?  You are all awesome and never forget that! 

 Brian:  Thanks for taking the time out to do an interview with me.  Any parting words of wisdom?

 Kaylee:  Thank YOU for letting me do an interview with you! I hope you enjoyed it and that I’m not completely boring, haha. Everybody here at CWH is awesome, and I’m so thankful that I’ve had this experience.

Are you craving some Kaylee?  Read all about her in her personal CWH Forum, and afterwards swing by and catch a p-chat with her at NonNudeCams, NudeAdultCams, and ICGirls!

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