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America’s Got Talent


By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Yay! I finally have something happy to blog about. It’s also kindof cheesy but it’s a reflection on me and my likes, so whatever lol. Anyway, I just got through watching America’s Got Talent and the minute it was over I rushed on here to blog about it.

Yes, I am really going to blog about a TV show! You want to know why? Because oh my goodness, it totally brings a smile to my face each and every time I watch it. I’m not even kidding, this show entertains me so much that I get put in such a good mood from it. It is beyond interesting to see what acts people come up with. Sometimes they are truly unique or they are just really talented. Other times, well their goof ups and how horrible they are makes me laugh just as much as the others.

It’s so cool to see such a wide array of emotions: the joy when they are accepted, the stress relief if they were nervous, the utter shock if they are rejected and the funny ones who retort back after they get told they are terrible. What a friggin’ awesome show, seriously!

When it first came out I wasn’t the least bit interested in it .. I didn’t even really understand what it was about, now that I think about it. I started watching it last summer while I was on a big family vacation. We occasionally had time to watch TV and relax in a hotel room at least enough to catch the show when it was on. I got into it immediately! Thankfully, two of my siblings did as well and we all watched it together. Once we got home I would remind them whenever it came on, but I don’t think they’ve been watching it this year. I have seen every episode thus far thanks to my DVR, and I am so impressed with it this year.

What a great show, seriously. Does anybody else watch it? If you have, have you watched all of them so far? If so, share your stories with me! I have a couple favorites. Tonight, I looooved Prince Poppycock! lol!

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