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By Maiya / 6 years ago / In: General ,



..Is the time that I am writing this blog. I am currently very hungry while up on pchats. I am debating whether I should log off, eat, then come back on OR if I should just head to bed with a light snack in my tummy. I am also a little sleepy from running all over town today.

I went to the casino and lost $25 while my auntie’s mom made an $80 profit and my aunt won an extra $30. Blah. I guess tonight just was not my lucky night. Although it never really is it seems. I think I will head back there later this week and re-try my luck and try to redeem my lost monnies!

Anyway, I was supposed to go skydiving this past Sunday. Turns out that I have to reschedule because the little plane that people jump out of is in need of maintenance apparently. I was so excited to go and now I have to wait in anticipation even longer!

Now my computer is all shiny with oil and so are my tits and ass. Making everything so shiny and greasy looking. Everything I touch glistens. How awesome am I?! Haha. This body oil just gets everywhere and makes a mess. It’s super hot on cam though, right boys [and gals]?

Since I have been multitasking while writing this blog – the time sure did pass quickly.

End time: 3:43AM. *Kisses*

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