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I’ve been had!


By Femme / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Hello! Today it was over 100 degrees. WTF?! It was snowing a month ago..

NEWS FLASH I’m officially on NAC. My name is Demi (trying to remain a lil anonymous). I’ve also started a fanclub over there. There won’t be as much content streaming over there as I’ll be updating it once every couple of weeks. But, the content will be fully nude and it will be HOT. If you’re interested, come see me at NAC. It’ll be fun, I promise.

Demi’s fanclub:

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your summer. I’ve had a crazy start to mine. It seems as if more and more craziness just keeps finding it’s way into my life. I’ve been daring the Gods/Stars/Planets to bring it on… I can take more. Hehe.

Last week when I was walking down the street of a large outdoor mall this woman came running up to me yelling “Mam! Mam!” I turned around and discovered this cute little Latin looking woman. She said “How tall are you?” I’m thinking, why does this woman care? But answer anyway. “5’6” She responds by telling me she is a scout for a modeling agency, at which point I become interested in what she’s saying. 🙂  So she gives me her card and I give her my contact information. I walk away on cloud nine thinking “I’ve been discovered!” I get a call later in the week to setup a time to come in for an interview. Today at 2pm I arrived at their office, brought photos, wore tight clothing, minimal makeup (all as instructed), and put my game face on. I proceeded with the interview and nailed it. I was really confident, charismatic, fun, and charming. After 30 minutes of interview, fees came into discussion… and I began to realize I’d been had. For an agency to charge a monthly fee (no matter whether they have gotten you work or not) is not traditional, nor acceptable. I didn’t like the sound of that, so when I mentioned I wasn’t OK with another bill, and wasn’t comfortable with “paying to work” the interviewer totally changed tone and angle. I begin to realize… she was trying to sell me a product, not give me my big break. I had just pissed her off by not being entranced by her song and dance. I walked out of the office feeling totally defeated. I was really hoping that something would come out of being with an agency because I love modeling. I bet a lot of girls fall for their gig though. She really had me excited. Thankfully I’m not as gullible as most and I can spot a scam when I see one… probably because I have worked and studied marketing myself. 🙂

C’est la vie. Maybe someday…


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