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Totally fun clubbing experience!


By angelaleonne / 6 years ago / In: General ,



It’s so crazy because just the other day I posted something in the forums about not having really ever cucked a guy in real life, and I went out to the club that very same night and had my very first mild cucking experience!

So I got all dressed up in my short, tight black dress and my fave strappy stiletto pumps… I was looking and feeling super sexy. My hot girlfriends and I were having a blast just drinking and dancing together, when I noticed this kind of chubby middle aged white guy like literally gawking at me! I was already tipsy so I motioned for him to come over to me on the dance floor.

When he got there he kind of stuttered as he told me how absolutely hot I was, and that he’d do anything just to have some of my attention. I told him to buy me and all of my girlfriends drinks. After we got the drinks, I told him to wait right there, and I’d be right back. I then proceeded to go on the dance floor and dance with another guy! I looked over my shoulder, and he was STILL standing right where I told him to, all by himself, looking absolutely humiliated! The story gets a little deeper from there, (and quite hilarious, I might add), but if you want to hear the rest, you’ll have to come visit me in my chat room! I’ll be around for several hours today so stop on by and see me if that’s your thing. I’ll even wear the same black dress and heels for ya 😉

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