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The much-anticipated interview with the one and only Steve!


By bphface / 7 years ago / In: Articles ,



In the beginning there was darkness.  And Steve said, “Let there be CamWithHer.”  And he saw that it was good.  Then he populated CWH with some of the most gorgeous, exciting, and personable models in all of existence.  Two versions and dozens of new models later, CamWithHer remains among the finest camming sites on the web.  And behind it all, constantly working to ensure its smooth operation and continued success, there lies Steve and his team of admins.  Although he stays in the background, he retains our lasting gratitude for all he has done, and all he has yet to do.  We polled the CWH community – both models and members – to see what they wanted to know about Steve, and this interview is the result.  So have a seat, strap in tight, and get ready to learn about our fearless leader, the glue of the CWH community, as we ask him to tell us a little about himself, the camming business, and the naked guy dancing in his avatar. 

 Brian:  So who is “Steve” really?

 Steve:  I am a laid back, dorky, computer dude who just happens to be into fitness…somehow.  I work on my computer.  I own an internet business (duh).  You could say I’m an entrepreneur of sorts.  I’ve always been that way since I was in middle school selling baseball cards to my classmates.  Now I sell memberships and pay per minute cam time to people all over the world lol.

 Brian:  Why did you choose the camming / adult industry? / What gave you the idea to start a webcam site?

 Steve:  Well it all started back in college when I took my computer science class and they had us build a personal website.  I uploaded some photos to my website and received some admiration from the gay community.  At first I was sort of put off by it but then didn’t mind the positive comments so much after a while.  So I decided to turn it into a business opportunity and open up my own website.  After some time camming there myself, I decided to open up a site with a few more of my buddies and along came  After some time, and after I left my current gf at the time, I opened camwithher which was basically a copy of the guy version.

 Brian:  Tell us about SNR.

 Steve:  Not sure what to say that you don’t already know but, yes it’s primarily a webcam based company.  We dabbled in some solo sites back in the day but didn’t end up finding it as lucrative.  I’m now trying to create some traffic generating websites (tubes, communities, etc).

 Brian:  What else do you own besides SNR?

 Steve:  Nothing exciting yet but I’m trying to get into some more mainstream stuff.  Some more webcam related social networking sites as well as some other community mainstream sites.  I’ll let you guys know if they take off.

 Brian:  Did you tell your family what you were doing when you started the site?

 Steve:  They knew about it yea.

 Brian:  What does your family think of it now?

 Steve:  Eh, they tolerate it.  Proud of my success but would rather see me doing something else.

 Brian:  Anything you wish you had done differently with the sites?

 Steve:  Yea, too much to list really.  A lot of it I’d rather not say anyways.  

 Brian:  Do you see CWH as a business or as a community (socializing with members, etc.)?

 Steve:  It’s both for me.  

 Brian:  2004-2010, what’s changed the most about you, the business, and community?

 Steve:  Well I guess the biggest change in my life was the move from upstate NY to Vegas.  For the business, I’d say the technology changed the most.  When this all started, I was hand coding everything myself with html.  Now I have my own team of people who design all sorts of funky software to make the site keep growing.  As far as the community, I don’t think it’s all that different from it was back in the day.  When it all comes down to it, everyone is still here for the same reason…hot cam girls they actually get to talk to and get to know.

 Brian:  Does threat of other sites luring girls away keep you up at night?

 Steve:  Ha, good question.  No, but it is annoying.  I hear a lot of things about this site and that site and rumors about people trying to steal the models blah blah…it gets old pretty fast.  If you treat the models with respect and are a good fair person, I don’t think there’s much to worry about.

 Brian:  Regarding some of the girls who have left (under good terms) do you ever wish they were still here? If you could bring any girl back to CWH, who would it be?

 Steve:  Yea, all the girls who left under good terms I wish came back lol.  I guess the one I’d like to have back the most would probably be Gisele.  I’m told that she left due to some of the other models.  Not sure if that’s true or not, but I can’t really control that.

 Brian:  Which version of CWH do you prefer?

 Steve:  V3 is a bad mama jama.  V1 is nostalgic though since I designed that one myself.

 Brian:  What do you see for CWH say five years from now?

 Steve:  I can’t see it changing too much besides with technology.  3D, holograms…who knows, but it should be cool!

 Brian:  Will Evan ever have his stars upgraded?

 Steve:  Ya never know.  I don’t rule out anything.
 Brian:  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

 Steve:  A stockbroker in NY because I thought they made a lot of money 🙂

 Brian:  What do you eat for breakfast OR What would you prefer to eat for breakfast?

 Steve:  Hot tea, waffles usually, a banana, and some cottage cheese.

 Brian:  Are you really Italian?  Can you speak Italian?

 Steve:  Yes, and very little from what I remember in high school.

 Brian:  Favorite movie and why?

 Steve:  Braveheart.  I’m a fan of underdog movies.

 Brian:  Favorite song of all time?

 Steve:  I’m more of a favorite song changer.  I get sick of songs after a while and switch.

 Brian:  Happiest day of your life so far?

 Steve:  I guess when I graduated college and was finally done with school.  

 Brian:  What’s the most awkward / embarrassing situation you’ve ever been in?

 Steve:  I had company one time I was having relations and they wouldn’t stop knocking on my door.  My gf finally just said “we’re fucking leave us alone.”  It was funny yet very awkward afterwards.

 Brian:  Tell us about your first masturbation experience.

 Steve:  No.

 Brian:  Fair enough – how about your first kiss?

 Steve:  I actually don’t remember it…is that bad?  Must have sucked I guess.

 Brian:  What does a cam show with you entail?

 Steve:  Mostly flexing for gay dudes…I never actually got naked myself which is why I came out with the whole non nude camming thing.  

 Brian:  Any naughty secrets?

 Steve:  I’ve done some fun stuff!

 Brian:  Are you single?  Which camgirl are you dating / banging?

 Steve:  My lips are sealed.  Not single though.

 Brian:  What is your favorite sex position and why?

 Steve:  Depends on the girl actually I’ve found…not sure why that is really.  I guess their personality plays a role as well as their body type.  

 Brian:  You’re going out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

 Steve:   I’d have to say my gf would be with me…I’d be wearing jeans and preferably a tshirt…and we’d be laying low at a movie and maybe chilling in the hot tub after.  

 Brian:  And what do you do afterwards?

 Steve:   😉

 Brian:  Who is that naked guy dancing in your avatar?

 Steve:  lol just some random image I found.  Some people did think it was me though.

 Brian:  Did you answer all these questions truthfully?

 Steve:  I’m an honest man.

 Brian:  Anything else you’d like to say?

 Steve:  Buy lots of stuff from my websites…thank you.

You can find Steve roaming the Forums of CamWithHer under the name Stev-O.  If you’ve enjoyed your experiences at any of the SNR sites – CamWithHerICGirls, NonNudeCams, or NudeAdultCams – take a minute and send him a message thanking him for all his hard work over the years without which none of this would have been possible.

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  • Thanks for the interview…great job on the questions btw 🙂

  • bphface

    Glad you liked – all but 4 or 5 came from the models and members, so there seems to be tons of interest out there about you – they like you! They really like you! 🙂