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By Hannah / 6 years ago / In: General ,



it was beauuutiful outside today! love it when the weekends are warm and sunny. i’ve actually been outside a ton lately, and i am no longer fishbelly white haha.

i have discovered that coke and i are no longer bff. many a time i looked upon that red can for some joy, and it delivered. i recently cut back on a lot of things (dairy, bread, pop 🙁 ) and i treat myself now and then to something naughty and delicious. but each time i help myself to some pop, i end up feeling sick. poop on that. i mean, i suppose i would rather have it that way and cut it out all together.. but i will miss our good times.
such is life, and eating foods that actually contain nutritional value.
SO LIKE water is my new bff now

that is all in my diet gossip news

am i allowed to upload 2 pictures? idk here ya go

Like this:

  • Hurraay to the nice weather. Yesterday it was rainy and kinda gray day, but today it was sunny and warm.

    Its interesting to know what naughty things you did with coke … Awww sorry its made you sick:( Does it mean you cant have ramune soda too?. Water is good, its gets all the shit out of the system. I think you will make a great Watergirl 🙂

    Very beautiful pics, and the fact that you arent wearing anything beneath its prettaay sexy.
    Yes, you can add two pics or more. I have seen posts with three and even 6 images.