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Spreading the Fan Love


By bphface / 7 years ago / In: Articles ,



     I don’t know about you, but by the time I finished my first p-chat I was hooked, an avid convert to the world of CamWithHer and ICGirl fandom.  Since that time, though, the lovely ladies of CWH have provided ample reason to believe that my visit meant just as much to them as it did to me, and I’m not the only one who has experienced this curious phenomenon.  In many ways from a simple smile and a “thank you” to special videos and discounts, the CWH models have been very generous when expressing how much they love their fans.  As such, I asked them if they could shed some light on their view of their fans and what having fans means to them. 


     Are fans pretty important?  “100% important,” according to Angelina, and Jessica Klein definitely agrees.  “They are my livelihood and delight of my day!  Without them I would not be here!”  Indeed, the models expressed how important their fans are for their own sense of themselves as successful and interesting models.  “It is every girl’s dream to be to have people that show an honest to goodness interest in her,” says Kodi.  “If I had fans I would always have people to share myself with and a damn good reason to do it.”  For Ariel Page, fans make camming “way more exciting,” but many models also note how fans help make the camming experience more comfortable and enjoyable.  According to Veronica, “having fans is just like having friends and it’s very important to me…It makes me more confident and smiley in my cam shows, and hopefully makes the fans more comfortable with what they’re in for!”  Breanna feels “100 times better having people around you’re comfortable with,” and when Wanda is feeling down, her fans “make me feel better and make me smile.”

     Since there are numerous ways a fan can demonstrate his adoration, I asked the models to define what a fan is.  Breanna Rose summed up the models’ responses when she defined a fan as “someone who I have some type of connection with for more than 5 minutes.”  For the models, this most commonly means a person who has frequent p-chats with them over an extended period of time, but the models listed many alternative ways their fans work to establish this connection.  Wanda and Angelina, for instance, both believe a good quality of a fan is someone who “when they see me online comes into my chats only to say hello.”  Veronica agrees, but adds that a fan should also be willing to “see more of what I have to offer outside of just a chatroom.” 



     In fact, the ladies all enjoy receiving regular Private Messages (PMs) from their fans, as well as comments about their pictures and videos.  The Forums are also a way some of the CamGirls separate the true fans from the lurkers.  Shanelle wants someone who gives her “love in my forum,” just as Kaylee considers a fan as someone who “constantly posts with me and enjoys it.”  If you’re not the forum or chatroom kind of guy, there’s always the option of purchasing zip sets, joining Fan Clubs, attending M-chats, and, of course, sending your favorite model a giftcard to her favorite store.  As this suggests, there are many paths to a CamGirl’s heart; as Karmel puts it, “it’s nice to know that someone made a conscious effort to brighten my day.”

     Although it may be difficult for the CamGirls to establish a rapport with each and every one of their fans, this doesn’t stop them from trying.  “I LOVE to get to know my fans,” says Shanelle.  “That way when they come into my room it’s not the same old random chatting but ‘Hey how was that interview’ or ‘You looking forward to that vacation coming up?’”  Ariel Paige similarly wants her fans “to be able to just come hang out and feel comfortable” and “chat for hours on end about the craziest stuff.”  Valentina considers some of her fans good friends.  “They know about my life and I know about theirs…Getting to know each other on a different level I think proves to both parties (them and myself) that we are REAL people with opinions, feelings, etc… I think sometimes in this business, people tend to forget that.”  Kaylee and Karmel both note how knowing the likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests of fans can help models “put on an even better show,” and Breanna again sums it up well when she says “If my fans only knew me as a great set of boobs and a nice ass, I’d feel kind of bottomless.”



     This all sounded great, but it was a little abstract, so I asked if the ladies had any “biggest fans” and why those fans deserved that title.  Without exception, the models all characterized their biggest fans as “friends,” ones who have been around for a long time, p-chat regularly, shower them with gifts, and are there through the good times as well as the bad.   They offer friendship, a sympathetic ear, and a hearty joke when the models need it most, and the rest of the time they offer gifts, flattery, and pervy p-chat fun. 

     Perhaps the most important place where models can interact with their fans is in the CamWithHer Forums, where the CamGirls can get to know their fans and vice versa.  Wanda, Maiya, and Angelina all describe their forums as places where the fans, both old and new, can “get to know me on a more personal level,” and where the models can post bonus material not found anywhere else on the site.  Jessica Klein described her forum as “our own little twitter,” and likes “checking in on my boys” who post messages.  Shanelle’s forum is “my gateway to my fans,” and she attributes much of its value to the fan contributions: “Everything from the music videos which on the right day mean so much to me, to the awesome daily pictures which make me feel so special, the watching my good karma soar, and everything in between.”  Valentina uses her forum to get fan feedback and opinions, allow her fans to ask questions about her, and satisfy her fetish for pictures of men in suits – “I always get excited when guys post in there!” 



    Just as the fans help make the models a little happier, so too can the models return the favor.  One of the benefits of being such a CamGirl fan is the ability to influence the models’ decisions on what to wear or do in chats.  Fans can always tip for certain actions or outfits, but for many of the models, simply ask and you shall receive.  “I love when my fans come to my m-chats to show support,” says Valentina.  “A lot of them have different interests and fetishes, so whatever they want from me, I’m more than happy to give them, because they have given me so much.”  Veronica takes this a step further, stating “I LOVE being told what to do!  If they want it, they can have it all!”  While some of the models generally like to do their own thing, they are all willing to give their fans some degree of influence.  Although, as Angelina points out, fan requests can help “open up my eyes to new possibilities of content,” several models noted that they have to be comfortable with whatever the fans might want them to do – and it’s a safe bet that the ladies get their fair share of outlandish requests. 

     However, CamGirl fandom comes with other kinds of benefits than just having some say in what they do in chats.  The most common way you ladies like to take care of you men: the Fan Sign, that most wonderful of surprises the members see when they open up the Forums in the morning.  Another common response was giving fans discounted p-chats, and a few mentioned that they were willing to make videos, too.  “I think each person is different,” says Shanelle. “Some like fans signs, others videos, other discounts.  It’s great to be able to be flexible with each person on this!”  And Valentina’s preferred method of spreading the Fan Love?  “By satisfying them in p-chats – giving them exactly what they want!  I am always down to try anything new!”

      And, oh, how generous they can be!  The models all provide fan signs frequently for a variety of things (giftcards, wishlist items, forum activity, banners, and avatars) and some will even go so far as to make videos for their fans.  For many models, the fan sign is more than just an automatic reward for a gift, however – it has real significance in terms of the model-fan relationship.  Says Kodi, “It really has to mean something to my fan, so I won’t just go handing them out to everyone.  I want my fans to know that their respect and loyalty is truly appreciated.”  And Breanna is “always interested in making sweet things” to let the fans know how special they are.    

     So, in the final analysis, just how special are the fans of the lovely ladies of CamWithHer and ICGirls?  I think I’ll let them tell you how they feel:

 Angelina: “I have been here almost three years and cannot believe the out pour of support and fan love I have received. I have fans that have been there every day to ones that come and see me once every couple months. I love each and every one of you, appreciate the support and encouragement and truly hope you know how much you mean to me because without you I would not be here!”


Ariel Paige: “I love fan love! The more I get the better I perform! <3”


Breanna: “I want to let you know you really are important to me and I have so much fun with you all. So lots of love to everyone!!”


Jessica Klein: “My fans make me who i am on CWH, without them, i would have no success or strong bonds between them that i do..i’m grateful everyday for the opportunity that they have given me here!”


Karmel: “Thank you to everyone for your continued love and support! I hope to continue to make you all happy and serve you as best as I possibly can. That was kinda cheesy but really though lol…luv you guys :)”


Kaylee: “Thank you so much for everything! Thank you for the constant support you have given me throughout my time at CWH. It means so much to me to have you guys around.”


Kodi: “Fan love keeps us alive 🙂 Don’t forget it.  Thank you to all the fans who have always been so loyal to the lovely ladies of CWH, NNC, and NAC!”

 Maiya: “You all are so much appreciated and give me the motivation to be online for you and readily available when I can be. You are the reason that I want to be online. You keep me entertained and in a good mood. I luv your support and if it wasn’t for you – I probably wouldn’t be here.”

 Shanelle: “My fans are what have made me who I am on here and as successful as I am.  I love each and every one of you!  Lots more to come from Shanelle guys – keep your eyes peeled. XOXO”


Valentina: “Although, I cannot be around every day, when I am I try to give you my all and my undivided attention. I appreciate everything you do for me, and as long as you keep on loving me, I’ll keep on returning to cwh!  :)”


Veronica: “Thank you and I love you all!”

 Wanda: “Thank you everyone and I love you all!!!! ;)”

Are you a fan, but don’t know how to show it?  Send your favorite CamGirl a giftcard to her favorite store by e-mailing it to

Not a fan yet?  Never too late to start!  Come join in the fun, and you, too, can help spread the fan love.  Catch all these lovely ladies and more at CamWithHer, ICGirls, NonNudeCams, and NudeAdultCams!

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