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A mini-rant


By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



I am so exhausted. All my time and energy is going into the dogs. I got the new dog, and man is it a transition period when you already have one. Snickers has always been the complete focus in my life, and now with another dog in the mix I have to learn how to properly share my attention. I love my new addition, another Rat Terrier that I named Peppermint. He is so sweet, and still just a puppy with his puppy behavior. They are learning to share my lap and my time, they love each other just when it comes to relaxing near “Mommy” is when they start to have trouble, because Snickers wants me all to himself and Pepper just wants to be loved and accepted, he is trying really hard to make me happy, I can tell. I wish I could tell that little boy that he doesn’t have to try, I already love him in my family!

But then they move past it and they play their little hearts out. For a very, very long time. Feeding time is kinda hard because it’s always one dog eating and not the other .. why do I always have the picky eaters lol. Oh well, eventually one of them goes back to finish his dinner later on.

I haven’t had any time to get things done around the house and I really need to .. It’s not finished and I want it finished! I’m afraid I seem reaaaally lazy but honestly I feel like i’m at my breaking point with so much to do and no time to get it done, and spreading myself between the two dogs. I don’t have much left to give 🙁 Can’t wait until everybody becomes used to the new arrangement.

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