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Things I hate!


By Nina / 6 years ago / In: General ,



I’ve got some pet peeves and one of them made me hate it even more, today as I was driving into a parking lot a shopping cart was pushed by the wind towards my car and I had no way of avoiding it. I always hated when people left carts in random places, when those people are approached they have a careless attitude. My brother always tells them “Dont complain if ur car gets hit, its because of ppl like u” while hes at work and they refuse to put them back.

I hate people who pollute, its so sad to see parks, forests and sidewalks covered in garbage.. it really depresses me when I see that. When I pick up after my dogs I always wait till I pass by a garbage can to throw it out and its aways 3-7 mins to find one, how can holding an empty pop bottle be that horrible to walk around with?

I also hate shopaholics who complain about being broke lol, which is most people I know! Its hard to feel bad for someone in debt when they have shoes worth $500 a pair. Its so obvious how u can clean up that debt.. but a lot of ppl like the *look* of being wealthy and will try to get it even though they cant afford it.

The worst thing for me to see is a parent smoking around their toddlers, It really upsets me when i see a parent walking with several children while smoking 🙁

Anywhooo I will stop my rant about things I hate 😛

Like this:

  • Delilah

    boo 🙁 i agree 100%!

  • SleeplessJ

    Dont be a hater. People are idiots. 🙂

  • vince

    Totally agree with you Nina, especially the last one. There a lot of houses near me that have some sort of insanely extravagant vehicle parked in the driveway, yet the houses looks completely rundown It looks absolutely ridiculous.

  • Vera

    oh uck… I know

    pollution ticks me off big time

  • Nina

    Wooo im glad u guys joined my hate 😉