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Killer Caffeine and a One-Armed Pool Shark


By Skyla Savaga / 7 years ago / In: College , Entertainment , Free Content

Skyla Savaga

Skyla Savaga

Sooooo maybe some of you may have noticed I haven’t been around this week.

(Or maybe you haven’t, it’s not hard to get distracted around here. I forgive you.)

But I’ve had one hellllllllllllllll of a week. I didn’t want to start out my first blog negative, so instead, I’m going to turn my misery into what will sound humorous.

For those of you that are in college right now, you know last week and this upcoming week was all finals tests and exams. Being the Libra and great procrastinator that I am, I waited til the last weekend that a 10 page paper was due. I had to stay up 40 hours in order to complete this monster on time.

But how did I stay up? Let me list everything I took:

4 five-hour energy shots

7 Red Bulls/Monsters

10 Cups of Coffee

4 Cappucinos

Disclaimer, kids, don’t try this at home. LOL.

Paper was due sunday (I barely turned it in on time), monday night comes around and I have my final energy drink to watch the Magic Game (we won, whoop whoop!) and by 3 am I had lost my ability to breathe. My freakin lungs couldn’t keep up with the oxygen needed to pump my heart.

I spent the rest of the next day, Tuesday, in the E.R. room with my mom next to my side. The doctor is baffled when I tell him everything I took. He asks, “WHY DID YOU TAKE ALL OF THAT?”. I said “Unlike you doc, I can’t afford cocaine.” My mom yells at me, “Hunny, that’s not funny.” ┬áhahahaha. I never know when to shut up.


Did I deserve all of this because i’m a retard? Yes. Moral of the story? TOO MUCH RED BULL CAN KILL, everything is good in moderation.

To top off an amazing week, my buddy Joel and I stop by this beach bar to play a couple games of bar. Mind you, this place ends up being more redneck than a Jerry Springer Show and I get the CRAZIEST stares. They made me feel like I was the weird one. Anyways, i’m about to take my next shot on the pool table and some guy is talking shit behind me (the usual blonde jokes) at the table behind us. I turn around to take a good look at this guy and he has ONE ARM! A guy who, given the chance, probably would drown in a kiddie pool, is making fun of ME.

So two can play this game,(I’m good at the mind games) I end up asking him if he’s right or left handed. bahahah.

He’s was a pretty good sport when it came to the one-arm jokes and then he challenged me to a game of pool.

Who the hell can lose a game of pool to a one-armed guy? This girl right here. AND I’M GOOD AT POOL, so that goes to show what a shark this one-armed beast is. I think I still lost all bragging rights when it comes to pool though.

So anyways, i’m done babbling. I’ve managed to hero my way into the E.R. this week and get beat by the handicapped at pool. At least one good thing happened, ended this semester with 3 A’s and 1 B :D. 3.8 GPA WOOO!

Here’s some sexaaaay pictures to make up for my lack of broadcasting ­čśÇ



Silver Flashy

Skyla Body Shot

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