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Jersey girl Layla reminds us why we always keep coming back for more – Part 2


By bphface / 7 years ago / In: Articles ,



Continued from Part 1 of our interview with the beautiful Layla from 

 Brian:  So what has CWH meant to you in your everyday life?  Has camming changed you? 

 Layla:  CWH has def changed my life for the better. Prior to camming, I had a full-time job that kept me so busy and really wore me out. I constantly felt like I never had enough time to do everything that I wanted. Now that I’m camming, I have a flexible schedule and am able to take acting classes and go to auditions, where before I wouldn’t have had the time. 

I don’t think camming has ‘changed’ who I am as a person. I am the same as I’ve always been, probably just more happy now! I am sooo thankful for CWH, I really love it.  

 Brian: Has there been any difficult time in your life that the fans and models of CWH have helped you get through? 

 Layla:  Hmm, actually last year I had a few things happen that were difficult for me. It was a rough year, but I don’t let it show. I took about a month off from camming (around June) becuz it’s hard to cam when you are feeling down. I’ve never been one to share person info, so I dealt with it on my own, and when I was ready, I came back and allll was good. 

 Brian:  I came across an unusual picture of a woman who had chocolate and whipped cream all over her face.  Know anything about that? 

 Layla:  haha, yep! That was fun. Someone asked me to rub choc and whipped cream all over my body…and my face, so I did it, why not?! lol. Of course it was at the end of my camming night. 


 Brian:  Tell us about your night on the town with David Ortiz. 

 Layla:  I had a photoshoot for a casino and he happened to be there playing blackjack. He invited me and a few girls out that night. Well we ended up goin to a strip club and he gave me $100 in ones and told me to go ‘Make it Rain’ on one of the dancers!! lol, it was hilarious, fun times with Big Papi!  

 Brian:  Did you really bartend while body-painted? 

 Layla:  Yup! It was for Monday night football, I had a Baltimore Ravens jersey painted on me. sooo cute! However, the bar wasn’t too packed so I really didn’t get to ‘shine’ with my bartending skills. haha 

 Brian:  I also heard you wanted to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Which celebrity would you most like to have as your partner, and why? 

 Layla:  Yes!! I LOVE that show. I’ve always loved dancing, and have taken Latin dance classes in college. I can Salsa, Merengue, Chacha, Rumba. It’s so much fun. If I could pick my dance partner I would for sure want Maksim Chmerkovskiy…ohhh yea, I have a huge crush on him, so it would be hard to concentrate tho. He’s such a good dancer, good hip action 😉 

 Brian:  If you could be on a dating show, which one would you choose? 

 Layla:  I wouldn’t be on one. Those things never work!! 

 Brian:  Which is best:  Real World or Road Rules? 

 Layla:  The best is Real World/Road Rules Challenge!! It’s a reality competition show on MTV where they mix the 2 casts and they have challenges and all..lots of drama and alliances. I love it! Def one of my favorite shows. 

 Brian:  UFC or WEC? 

 Layla:  UFC, but I’ll def watch some WEC, just depends on who is fighting. 

 Brian:  Suns or Cardinals? 

 Layla:  Suns! NBA is my favorite sport to watch. I have been a Suns fan since I was in middle school back on the east coast. I started watching them back when they had Dan Majerle, Charles Barkley, &Kevin Johnson. I had a poster in my room of the 3 of those guys..big fan! I’m stoked to see them in the playoffs now, I hope they do well!!! 

 Brian:  Harold and Kumar or Dumb and Dumber? 

 Layla:  Dumb and Dumber is my favorite movie of all time. Harold and Kumar and Zoolander are in top 5 tho. I love stupid comedies! 

 Brian:  Me or Insty? 

 Layla:  hmmm, hahaha 

 Brian:  Kissing Shanelle or fondling Shanelle? 

 Layla:  Hard question! I loved kissing her, but having my hands all over her body was super hot too! 

 Brian:  In 2-5 words, tell us what you REALLY feel about the following things:  Red Meat 

 Layla:  Nasty if bloody red 

 Brian:  Vegas 

 Layla:  Wooot Wooot! Party time! 

 Brian:  Homeowner’s Insurance Companies 

 Layla:  …like to screw you 

 Brian:  Channing Tatum 

 Layla:  Effing hot! 

 Brian:  Project Runway  

 Layla:  Fun and interesting 

 Brian:  What’s your favorite sex position, and why? 

 Layla:  I like being on top, cuz it’s just hott to me. But I also like doggie style, with some nice grabbin of my ass 😉 

 Brian:  You’re going out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going? 

 Layla:  Prob a few of my girlfriends. We are all wearin either sexy dresses or jeans and cute lowcut tanks (just depends on where we’re goin-and how dressy it is). I prefer to go to hip,chill bars where we can actually hear each other talk. But every once in a while I’ll go to a club and do it up dancing and all. 

 Brian:  And what do you do afterwards? 

 Layla:  Pass out…lol, jk..prob eat some unhealthy mexican food, like a tostada, and pop in Zoolander and then pass out.  

 Brian:  What is a “Plumeria”? 

 Layla:  Hawaiian flower, that i luvvvv. So pretty. I have a bunch of pictures of Plumerias in my house. They remind me of my trip to Maui. Maui is my favorite place everrrrr. 

 Brian:  Do you have room in your life for a man, or is Tucker your one and only? 

 Layla:  Tucker is my man! He keeps me busy enough. Between camming and other work, I don’t go out that much. I like to be at home 🙂  


 Brian:  So what about these rumors flying around that you and Valentina might be getting together sometime soon? 

 Layla:  Valentina and I def do plan on gettin on cam together sometime in the (hopefully near) future!! We always have a great time when we hang out and I look forward to gettin naughty w/ her…mmm luv that girl!xo 

 Brian:  Anything else you’d like to say? 

 Layla:  I just want to say that joining the CWH community has been wonderful! Over the past (almost) 2 years, I have met some great people here and I look forward to more fun times to come! Thanks for interviewing me Brian!! 

To learn more about Layla’s adventure with chocolate and whipped cream, or to find out why Homeowner’s Insurance Companies suck, visit Layla’s Forums

June will mark Layla’s second anniversary here at CWH!  To help her celebrate, buy her a sexy gift off of her Wishlist, or send her an e-giftcard through

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