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Jersey girl Layla reminds us why we always keep coming back for more – Part 1


By bphface / 7 years ago / In: Articles ,



Whether you’ve been here for awhile or are just starting out, chances are you’ve gotten at least a peek at the beautiful Laylalynn, one of CWH’s resident sex kittens.  Asking yourself if she has always been that hot (and the answer turns out to be ‘yes’) misses the more important point, however, that she just keeps getting hotter.  With her outgoing personality and extensive wardrobe, this voluptuous ball of energy has remained a crowd favorite, and earned the #3 spot for 2009 Camgirl of the Year.  I asked Layla if she wouldn’t mind spilling the beans on the girl she was, the camming goddess she’s become, and fun things to do with chocolate and whipped cream.


 Brian:  I’m so happy you were willing to take some time to answer some questions.  Are you ready to show us a side of Laylalynn that we haven’t seen before?

 Layla:  Yes, I’d love for people to know me better!

 Brian:  How was life growing up in Jersey?

 Layla:  I loved it! I grew up in a small town and had a great group of friends. I spent weekends at the beach – jersey shore! lol. However my friends are NOTHING like anyone on the cast of the jersey shore! haha.  My family and friends are still back in NJ, and I usually try to go back twice a year to visit them.  I’ll always think of jersey as ‘my home’.

 Brian:  Who is “Peanut?”

 Layla:  Peanut was the most awesome hamster I had back when I was in middle school.  I love animals and have had a lot of pets in my life.  He was one of the firsts and just a doll.  I made up little mazes for him to run through, so much fun!

 Brian:  I hear you were pretty active back in high school – soccer, dance, marching band, homecoming queen (I’d love to see a pic of Queen Layla!)…  Did you have a favorite activity?

 Layla:  Yes, I was really active in high school.  All those things, plus Secretary senior year and baseball stat girl. I loved being stat girl for the baseball team, cuz I could flirt with all the boys!! I got the boys in trouble though, cuz they would be all distracted, lol. However, I think my favorite was being drum major of the marching band.  I loved conducting the band at the football games and we even got to go to Disney World and march in the Disney parade.  It was a blast.

 Brian:  Any band camps?

 Layla:  ohhh yes.  I hated band camp though.  I didn’t have nearly as much fun as that chic in ‘American Pie’.

 Brian:  How does Arizona compare to the east coast?

 Layla:  They are very different & there are things I love about both.  I love the people, food, green landscape, beaches back east. But I love the weather, architecture, malls, nightlife, hiking, and resorts here in AZ.  Back east it was so nice to be close to beaches, NY, Philly and here in AZ it’s nice to be close to Cali, Mexico, and Las Vegas.


 Brian:  I hear there aren’t any beaches in the desert.  Is that a problem for you?

 Layla:  Hell yea it’s a problem, it’s a huge problem. 🙁   Thats why I have to make my own little oasis in the backyard.  haha.  But I reeeeeeally miss the beach. I am a total beach whore.

 Brian:  This year, you came in 3rd place for camgirl of the year – how did that feel?

 Layla:  It felt great!!!  I was very surprised and thrilled about it.  Thanks to all the people who voted!

 Brian:  Looks like that wasn’t your first time winning awards, though.  Didn’t you earn a couple of interesting titles back in high school?

 Layla:  haha omg, how did u know??  Well senior year, I won ‘Best Looking’ and ‘Worst Driver’. I got in like 3 accidents in the school parking lot.  But I have gotten much better now, I swear!

 Brian:  What other competitions have you been involved with?

 Layla:  hmmm, MMA ring girl competitions, Reality Rumble ring girl competition for MTV, Halloween costume contests, and other online modeling contests.

 Brian:  You’ve also been trying to break into acting, right?

 Layla:  Yes, I’ve done a couple acting things, nothing big though.  And I’ve taken a lot of acting workshops and even gone to LA to perform a scene in front of agents and managers in LA.  I really am not expecting anything big to come from it.  I just truly enjoy the experience and learning new things, and meeting amazing people.  Acting is fun to me and challenging. It’s kind of like a hobby right now and if something good comes from it, then even better.  🙂

 Brian:  When did you first decide you might want to be a camgirl?

 Layla:  I first decided in 2008. I just wanted to try something different and exciting and I heard about online modeling and then a friend had mentioned CWH, so I looked into it.  And now here I am.

 Brian:  And then you spent a few months on NNC and NAC.  How was that experience?

 Layla:  Yep, I started on NNC.  It was great!  I was a little nervous when I first started but once I got the hang of it and chatted with some really cool guys I loved it!  Plus the girls were sooo helpful.  I was not (and still am not) that tech savvy, so I really appreciated all their help and advice.

 Brian:  And how did you feel once you got promoted to CWH?

 Layla:  I was stoked!!!  I’m so happy to be on CWH and NAC now.  I really enjoy being a camgirl here.  Such a great community of guys and girls!

 Brian:  Tell us about your first p-chat experience.  Were you nervous?

 Layla:  Yes, soooo nervous. But as the chat was going along, I remember the guy was super positive and that just helped me to gain confidence.  When it was over, I was like ‘Phew!’  It was kinda like a rush!  haha

 Brian:  And your first m-chat?

 Layla:  ooooh, that was very nerve-wracking.  I had watched a couple of the girl’s mchats, so I got some ideas…but still I was thinking, “how am I going to keep these boys entertained for a half hour!!!”  Seemed like it would be an eternity, but once I got on, it actually went by pretty fast!  Now I look forward to them and try to think of ways to be creative and fun.

 Brian:  It’s been almost two years since you first started camming, and in that time, you’ve pretty much done it all.  Do you have a favorite kind of chat (bath, shower, pool, bed, chair, floor, etc.)?

 Layla:  hmmm, well I’ve never done a shower show, so I still need to try one of those.  I think my favorite kind of chat would be either bath or bed chats.  Bath chats are fun cuz I just feel all sexy when I’m all wet. 😉  But I love chats in my bed, cuz it’s comfy and I can move the cam around to different angles.  I like doing shows out by my pool cuz I can get a tan while I’m getting naughty!  hehe. However, its hard cuz I have to be quiet.  And it’s hard to keep me quiet once I get going… 😉

 Brian:  How many camming outfits do you have now?

 Layla:  how many??!  yikes!  A crapload…closet full, drawers full, lots, lots.  And I have a big box of costumes – I luvvvv costumes.

 Brian:  So after wearing thousands of outfits, do you have a favorite?

 Layla:  hmm hard to pick. I luv schoolgirl, (who doesn’t though?) but I really love my skimpy bikinis too.

 Brian:  You seem to have a special place in your heart for those skimpy outfits.  Any particular reason?

 Layla:  Well, it’s fun!  I mean, I can’t prance around my neighborhood or the mall in clothes this tiny, so I take the opportunity to dress skimpy on cam. And it’s fun to tease guys on cam by wearing super small outfits that just barely hide the goods. Like most girls I love to dress up and feel sexy, so camming is perfect for me!

 Brian:  What’s your favorite costume you’ve ever worn?

 Layla:  My favorite costume I’ve worn for Halloween was Wonder Woman.  I LOVE that costume.  But my favorite costume on cam?  hmmm idk, I like being a sexy kitty or a nurse.

 Brian:  Almost one year ago you got your own forum.  How did that feel?

 Layla:  I was excited to use it so people could get to know me better and I was looking forward to getting to know more of the guys better.  It’s also a great place just to post whatever I want or whatever is on my mind.

 Brian:  And how do you feel about having your own Fan Club?

 Layla:  I LOVE my fanclub!!!!  I’ve gotten some good feedback so I plan on keeping it going.  I really like being able to upload some of my shows.  And it’s so much fun making sexy vids to post on there.  Thank you to all my fanclub members!

 Brian:  I hear you’re not too crazy about zip sets, though.

 Layla:  Yea, I’ve never done a zip set.  However, Shanelle and I just made one, I’m just trying to figure out how to add music to it. I’m having a hard time. 🙁  But once I figure that out, I’ll have it up!  Super sexy pics and vid…topless. 😉

 Brian:  Do you have any particularly memorable experiences from your time on CWH (favorite chats, strangest requests, etc.)?

 Layla:  ohh yes.  There are lots.  I luv doing chats with other models.  It’s sooo much fun! And I have become a fan of doing role plays, too.  It’s fun to try out my acting skills!  haha.  I have def had some strange requests, but I can’t share them.  And even though they may be strange, they can be A LOT of fun!

 Brian:  And how about your fans and regulars?  Got anything to say about them?

 Layla:  I love my regulars and fans!  I seriously have chatted some of the sweetest, coolest guys on here and it has been great getting to know all of you!  Thank you for everything!

Check back soon for Part 2 of our interview with the beautiful Layla!  To hold you over until then, go visit her in p-chats to see firsthand what all the fuss is about at CamWithHer and NudeAdultCams!

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