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Alex proves that blonds do have more fun – and love stripper poles!


By bphface / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Centuries from now, people will look back at the moment the webcam became the most sought-after device in recorded history, and they will discover that behind it all lay the beautiful women of CamWithHer.  Just as the membership continually expands, so to does our population of models, and if the spicy, sexy Alex is any indication, the future of CWH looks very bright indeed.  Alex first came to CWH about seven months ago, and has already endeared herself to members and models alike.  I asked Alex if she wouldn’t mind answering a few questions about her experiences so far, including her love of stripping, snacking, and snuggies (Oh, my!).

 Brian:  I’m glad you were able to pull yourself away from your busy camming schedule to answer a few questions.   I know how mad your fans will be that I’ve stolen you away, and I will try to find a safe place to hide from their wrath for the next couple of days.  To start off, I hear you’ve had a bit of experience “dancing.”  Swing?  Ballroom? 

 Alex:  I do have some dancing experience.  Before coming to CWH I danced in some clubs in multiple states for 5+ years.  I loved performing and had lot of fun but grew bored and tired and wanted to try something new, so here I am!

 Brian:  You’ve surely had plenty of opportunity to hone your skills in the chats.  How did you wind up as one of the lovely ladies of CWH?

 Alex:  Romy, a former CWH model told me how great it was here, so I did a little research on my own and thought the site was very nice and upscale and am happy to be a part of it.

 Brian:  And we’re happy to have you!  Looks like you’ve been camming on CWH for about seven months now.  How has the experience been?

 Alex:  I think it’s been wonderful.  I have met so many people from all over the world, and the girls have been so friendly.  I definitely feel like we have our own little community on this site and have made some great friends, and I continue to meet new people every day so it’s made my job feel so much more like a fun social gathering every day.

 Brian:  Have any regulars in the p-chats?

 Alex:  Yes, I have quite a few.  I get so happy when they visit me.  When I see their name pop up in my room it makes my day!  They know who they are and how special they are to me.

 Brian:  Easy to see what keeps them coming back.  Any especially memorable experiences or requests so far (either good or bad)?

 Alex:  Umm, I have had some strange requests for sure.  I don’t want to say though because I def keep my VIP shows private between me and the person I’m with, but I will say that I had a really special experience recently when a good friend of mine, Chason, surprised me by coming to my m-chat!  I didn’t expect it at all and it really made me feel special.  I do chats during the day mostly, so I really appreciate when someone goes out of their way to see me.

 Brian:  Do you have a lesbian crush on any of the CWH girls?  Be specific!  Inquiring minds want to know!

 Alex:  Of course I have crushes – the girls here are so hotttttt!  I have always been attracted to brunettes for some reason.  I think Nina is super hottt, she looks like an art painting to me, or a porcelain doll.  JK is really pretty, too, and a really nice girl on top of that, and Danni G is incredibly sexy and a natural beauty.  Maiya has an awesome exotic sexy look, and Valentina has a hot look.  I think she has great style and is gorgeous.

 Brian:  And so do you!  In fact, I think you changed something about yourself back in January, but I can’t put my finger on it…  Did you get a new haircut?

 Alex:  Yeah I just got a new haircut last week, too, lol.  I got my boobs done back in January.  I finally got the courage to do it.  It’s something I have been wanting to do for a looooong time.  So many girls on here and guys were so supportive and really helped me through it, before and after.  No regrets, I’m totally happy.

 Brian:   How have other people reacted to it?

 Alex:  So far everyone has told me that they like my boobs.  No regulars have left and more customers have come.  Even the regulars that told me not to do it have stayed!

 Brian:  Well, we certainly can’t blame them for that!  Did you setup a special camming room in your home?

 Alex:  No, I don’t have a special room.  I wish I did.  I have been bouncing from room to room trying to find the best spot with the perfect lighting.  I would love a room with a bed, and a desk and a good radio.  As of now I have all those things but in separate rooms, so I move around a lot. Oh, and a lot more floor space!  I should build my own studio!

 Brian:  From what I hear, you have plans for that extra space – rumor has it you want a stripper pole.

 Alex:  Yes I LOVE stripper poles.  I think they are so much fun to dance on and I used to do a lot of pole work and dance real sensual and seductive, too.  I miss it!  I will get one soon, I just have nowhere to put it or I would have it already.  It will go in my perfect room one day.

 Brian:  Can’t wait!  Until then, what can we do to really turn you on in the p-chats?

 Alex:  Besides getting lots of credits, tell me exactly what you want and how I can please you because it turns me on to turn you on!!!!!!!  Some compliments wouldn’t hurt, either, lol.

 Brian:  And your favorite sexual activities in general?

 Alex:  I’m really open in the sex dept.  I can be really wild, and love rough sex, but like being slow and sensual also.  It all depends on the person and the mood.

 Brian:  And what kind of mood do you get around men? 

 Alex:  I love men.  I find women attractive and all but I could never be in a relationship with a woman.  Men make me feel so much more safe and protected.

 Brian:  Have boys and girls always been drooling over you?

 Alex:  Hmm.  I guess I have had quite a few men and women have crushes on me, lol.

 Brian:  Do you consider yourself “girly”?

 Alex:  Yeah, I am very girly.  I like to look good wherever I go and buy tons of clothes and makeup, but I do have an adventurous side, too.

 Brian:  You’ve also got some fantastic hair!  What’s your secret?

 Alex:  I have a great hairdresser so I owe it all to him.  He is the only one who touches my hair for many years.

 Brian:  You once said that you could always tell Ricky Martin was gay.  What tipped you off?

 Alex:  I had a feeling by the way he acted, and he always had super hot women surrounding him but no girlfriend, kinda like my gay guy friends.

 Brian:  I also heard you’re a reformed vegetarian.  Tell us a little about that.

 Alex:  I was a vegetarian for almost ten years.  I started in my teens when I started working out a lot to join the military (which I never ended up doing).  I feel way better now that I eat meat.  I guess everyone is different but I was sick a lot and gained weight.  I was a teenager most of the time though and didn’t take the proper vitamins.

 Brian:  You also seem to enjoy a mix of other kinds of food, by the look of some of your Forum posts.  Let’s see…  Fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies, pie, ice cream, brownies…  How do you stay so gorgeous?

 Alex:  Awwww Brian, I love it when you compliment me – I’m blushing.  I have no idea how I’m not 500 pounds.  I eat whatever I want.  The past year or so I have had a major sweet tooth, too.  I like to bake my own desserts and do so at least three times a week.  Every time I go on a health kick or try to lose weight, I stay the same so I figure I’ll just keep eating what I want.  I did start bike riding and doing some exercise the past month or so, though.  I seriously eat so much I’m scared I’m going to wake up one day huge.

 Brian:  Got any pets?

 Alex:  I did have a dog but I recently gave him to a family member.  I’m sad but it was for the best.  He destroyed all my shit and drove me completely insane for almost a year now.  I took him to two different trainers and nothing helped.  I’ve had pets all my life and they all were great so I don’t think it was me.  I think the dog was possessed or some cruel joke from god maybe, lol.  I feel bad but don’t miss the BS and him barking at me all day and night and outside the doors when I cam.  No more pets for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, it just didn’t work out.  I still didn’t get over losing my other pets so maybe I wasn’t ready or something.

 Brian:  *Note to self: Possibly room in Alex’s life for a man now…*  Do you own a Snuggie?

 Alex:  lol, not yet.  I still can’t believe how popular they are.  I made fun of it like a year ago at my parents’ house and my dad was like “are you talking about this thing?” and pulls a snuggie out of his closet.  If my dad has one it has to be good, he’s no sucker.  I gave one out as a Christmas gift, though, so I’m somewhat part of the snuggie clan now.

 Brian:  So, you’re headed out for a night on the town.  Who’s with you, what are you wearing, and where are you going?

 Alex:  I don’t go out on the town much.  I’m more of a stay at home at night girl.  I like getting up early and going to bed early.  I like to go boating, ride on motorcycles, go to the beach, shop, learn to play golf, four wheeling, traveling, and go to baseball games and nice dinners.  If I went out at night I have some girlfriends and it would probably be someone’s birthday or something.

 Brian:  Fair enough!  Your views on the topless m-chat?

 Alex:  I might do one.  I just recently did an m-chat but didn’t go topless.  I think it’s cool that it’s up to the model so it’s kind of a surprise when the model does it.  I think it keeps the chats interesting.  When I feel like it I will.  I did the pasties the first time last time so I’m getting there.

 Brian:  So you’re easing yourself into it, then.  All good things come to those who wait!  Speaking of which, was there really a “Curse of the Bambino?”

 Alex:  The curse is broken!!!!!!  They reversed the curse finally, lol.  I became a fan in the playoffs the year before they won the World Series and watched every single game the year they won (I swear I didn’t miss one) so I like to think I’m the Red Sox good luck charm that broke the curse of the bambino!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Brian:  Thanks for taking some time out for an interview!  Anything else you’d like to say?

 Alex:  I would like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome.  The members here are so great and treat me so well, and I consider the girls such great friends of mine, and I’ve never met them in person.  It’s so great to be a part of this site.  xoxoxooxoxo

Want to learn more about the lovely Alex?  Catch her in p-chats at!

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    Awesome interview, and RAWR @ Alex!

  • Chason

    Great interview Brian….Alex youre the best baby…I would take off of work for you any day beautiful.

  • kalelinslo

    what happened to alex? where is she? she is one of my favorite cam girls!!