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What a busy day!


By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



Wow, I am super tired! Yesterday wasn’t a good day to paint the house so we did it today. 4 different rooms, 5 different colors, 2 coats on each. ACK! Only took all day to get done. But it’s looking great! One of the rooms turned out really bright, even though it’s a very subtle color. But I think that’s why .. because it’s so subtle it uses a lot of white. I think it’ll look even better when it’s dried.

After I finished that I came home and did the dishes, I had been neglecting them since last night and they really built up. I went ahead and scrubbed the kitchen and swept it, then I took a hot, steamy shower to rid of the paint off my body and overall massage myself. I am very sore, but among that my knee is hurting and so is my back.

Because of that, I will be crashing on the couch again tonight with my brace. Just in case. I spent a lot of my time on the floor trying to get the bottom part done and the cracks, as the overall big painting with the big roller thing doesn’t take as much stress on your body, just your arm.

But, i’m not complaining. It was overall a very good day, and even more productive. I’m waiting for Snickers to eat his dinner before I run the dishwasher, but i’m done for the night. No more, I say! I just want to relax haha.

Well, I’m going to go brush my wet hair and bribe my dog to eat. He has to do it sooner or later!

Much love!

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