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By Kaylee / 6 years ago / In: General ,



It’s Friday, I can’t believe it! That has to be one of the longest weeks I’ve ever been through. I’m ready to enjoy the weekend, it’s going to be a busy one.

Here’s a little update on me: My knee is doing better. I’m able to bend it and take the brace off, as well as not sleep with it raised up on pillows and blankets. It is still a little weak when I’m walking on it, but I’m being extremely careful not to make any quick movements or stay on it too long. So, big improvement with my knee thank goodness, it only took several days of laying on the couch non stop for it to feel better.

As for my nausea/dizziness/ headaches – it’s still there off and on, but definitely can tolerate them better. At least the nausea and dizziness. The headaches are pretty bad, and a cross between sinuses and tension. It comes and goes, but I’m feeling a lot better than I was to begin with.

This weekend I go paint my house and get it ready for move in. I think I start it tomorrow, I have to talk to some people to find out. Hopefully it only takes one day to do, because I hate painting and I’m still a bit worried about my knee. Have to find some way that will work for me, while still pulling my weight and getting stuff done.

I seriously cannot wait to move. Just 15 more days. Eep!

Well, sorry to bore you if I did, but just wanted to let everybody know that I’m feeling a lot better. I’m starving right now so I’m about to get me some breakfast. Mmm!

Talk to you guys soon!

Like this:

  • Hero

    I’m currently looking for a new place… it’s not going so well at the moment, but hopefully things will get better soon!


  • Kaylee

    I hope it does!! It takes a while sometimes. I looked for several months, and literally 100 houses lol.