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All the world’s a stage


By Valentina Valentine / 7 years ago / In: General ,

Valentina Valentine

Valentina Valentine

So I had an awesome weekend as I’m sure a lot of you have heard… I got body painted for the first time! I so want to do that and wear it out to a club! 😀 I got to hang out with Layla, Hayden and Janessa Brazil! We had so much fun, hanging out poolside and I got to see lots of sexy boobies (oh, and show off mine too!)
I posted some pictures in my fanclub!.
Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know that I’m going to be seeing and camming with one of my sexy camgirl friends (yes, it’s a surprise) in a week or two… I’ll keep you posted!
I sprained my back wrestling… yes, wrestling hahaha… soooo… once that is completely healed I’m going to need some serious lovin’! ;P
I also finally got wishlist setup! Go me!! 🙂 I’ll love you guys forever if I receive some “I love Valentina Day” presents… right, that’s the next holiday coming up? hahah… sexy spoilage vids in return of course! And if there is anything you’d like me to add to my wishlist let me know!
Hope to see you guys soon! <3
And I leave you with… some pictures…!


sexyyy also…. LOL

i was sad because there was no water in my bath tub o.O


Like this:

  • bphface

    Hey Val! Can’t wait to see who you’re talking about, but I’m sure whoever it is you’ll show us a great time! Love the shower pic!

  • Hero

    Haha, at least you’re wrestling was real lol. Heal up soon!

  • Valentina

    Hey Bri! I think you’ll be super happy with this duo 😉 I know I am!! And thanks for the compliment… Veronica actually took that picture. We had a little photo shoot before we sexed it up on cam 🙂

    Hero–> Thanks! 🙂 Just got back from my chiropractor… You’re damn right it was REAL… not like that WWF “wrestling”. It was me messing around with my roommate… totally antagonizing her… and then her totally owning me. She didn’t mean to hurt me of course haha.

  • I think I know who the mystery girl is…and if I’m right, I’m totally stoked!! Can’t wait to find out for sure.