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The (Bi)sexuality of CWH – Part 2


By bphface / 7 years ago / In: Articles ,



Thus continues our epic look into the wonderful world of multi-model shows…

     I was also interested to learn what the ladies do together when they’re not camming.  With all the talk about lesbian crushes and getting turned on during the chats, it was fun to think about the possibilities.  And what did the members think the ladies do when they’re not on camera?  “Oh to be a fly on those walls,” said one.  “I’m sure they do exactly what we imagine they do – hang out, shop, get naked and play with toys on each other.”  Other member suspected that the ladies talk about the guys they do p-chats with, go shopping, “partake in one another,” plan upcoming shows, or simply joke around or relax “because those shows are intense.”

So what really goes on?

     Among the activities the models mentioned included going to the gym, the pool, shopping, trying on sexy outfits for each other, and heading out for a night on the town (and, Angelina was quick to add, heading out to strip clubs and adult stores).  Veronica noted how she and Valentina “partied…a lot,” although “there’s been many nights we’ve chilled out, shared some food, and talked about the day’s events.  Anything that best friends do, we do.”  Valentina also mentioned taking vacations or heading to the beach with Maiya and Angelina

     The models were even willing to give a few juicy details.  One of Valentina and Veronica’s favorite things to do in their off time was “go and get a hotel room with a Jacuzzi and just spend the night there with a bottle of grey goose,” as well as heading out to casinos and clubs.  According to Nina, aside from walking around naked, having a pillow fight, and saran-wrapping each other, “Vera and I did A LOT of tongue action…  I need to call her and ask for more!”  And what does Angelina think about that?  “Well, c’mon, look at them.  Gotta give them a kiss or two off cam – can’t help it!”

     So what about during the multi-model shows?  How far are the CWH beauties willing to go for their adoring fans?  Is it really double the fun?  Wanda, Ling, and Nina seem willing to go “as far as the watcher wants,” though after a little consideration, Nina adds “maybe not fisting.”  In M-chats, Shanelle enjoys “lots of sensual touching, licking, and, of course, kissing, though when it comes to VIPs, “you will have to come see.”  Veronica similarly declined to give details about what the VIP experience might be like, but also noted, “We’re both very sexually open-minded and willing to try new things.  So let your imaginations run wild!”  Angelina, Layla, Nina, and Valentina all stressed the importance of not going beyond the comfort level of the participating models, though they personally seemed up for just about anything.

     Any special request guys?  “In the absence of some of the hottest porn known to mankind, maybe there should be a Wii competition,” said one.  Another member likes seeing the camgirls “just goofing around and being sexy…cause they keep the mood hot while adding a piece of unintentional comedy.”  The members generally agree that fun and spontaneity leads to everyone having a good time, which makes the shows even better.  Anything else?  “Fighting over a toy while pretending it’s me.” 

     With so much member (and model!) interest out there for multi-model camshows, I decided to ask the models who they might like to cam with in the future.  Though most said they’d be happy to cam with any of the beautiful ladies on CWH, a few did offer a little more detail.  Still being new to the community, Veronica noted “I have yet to meet other models in person and get to know them on a personal basis.  But anyone I can connect with and vibe well with, I’m definitely game!”  Jessica Klein agrees with this view, stating “I’m most attracted to models I’m closest with, so Nina, Vikki, Brooke, Delilah, and Daphne.”  Layla listed Valentina, Angelina, Hayden, and Lily as her top picks.  “I would love to do a show with Nyli,” says Alanna.  “I think she is hot, and would love for her to show me some moves on that stripper pole!”  Angelina singled out a few models based in part on her “secret Angelina stalking among their picture threads,” namely, Alex, Nyli, Hannah, Emi, and Femme, “just to name a few.”  Valentina has her eyes set on Layla – and she’s in good company; says Shanelle, “I don’t know after Layla that anyone could compare!”  I’m sure we could find a camgirl who would be willing to test that theory…

     I also gave the members an opportunity to weigh in on who they might like to see cam together in the future.  “The dirtier the girls, the more I’d love to see it,” replied one, “like Jazmin and Kaileah.  I’d love to see that!”  Another mentioned an Angelina and Layla show, while another thought a Tiana and Nicole pairing might be nice, “although I imagine the world would melt with the heat generated.”  One of the most demanded models for a future camshow was Jessica Klein, whose recommended partners included Daphne, Ling, and Vikki.

     It seemed like the members had some very strong feelings towards the multi-model shows, so I put their dedication to the test by asking them which they would choose: a VIP with their two favorite models or having a threesome with two other women?  The results were mixed, with several agreeing that “As much as I love CWH, reality has got to win every time.”  However, a few men stepped up and stuck with the CWH lovelies: “Real life threesomes are often less ideal than most people realize.  And there’s no guarantee the two women in my hypothetical real life threesome would be even close to as stunning or as fun as my two favorite camgirls.”

     Fair enough, but what about a threesome with your two favorite models?  Think you could handle that?  One member didn’t think so, “but I sure as hell would want to give it a try.”  “Depends on what you mean by ‘handle,’” said another, “I’m sure I would enjoy the hell out of it, just may not last very long.”  Other members, though, definitely thought they could hack it, with one member confident that he has “a firm grasp on the likes and dislikes of my two favorites,” and another commenting, “One of the things I love most about CWH and those girls I have gotten to know is that they are lovely, very real, totally amazing people.  What’s not to handle?” 

     Anything else the models want to say about multi-model shows?  “It’s honestly my favorite thing,” says Nina.  “It’s a lot to organize because you have to find a date that everyone’s free, organize transportation, etc., but the connection you feel afterwards is incredible!”  Valentina is already anticipating her next multi-model show and wondering who it might be with.  As for Jessica Klein, unfortunately she has yet to enjoy the pleasure of another model’s company in a camshow, saying “I’m all for them, I just wished a model lived close to me!” 

     We certainly can’t leave JK in distress, but I’m sure before too long someone will step up and help resolve this tragic situation.  Until then, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for news of the next impending multi-model show.  You never know – Steve might eventually find a pair of Japanese twins. 

If there’s a particular pair of camgirls you’d like to see cam together, I recommend begging, groveling, giving them lots of compliments, and sending a healthy dose of giftcards for their favorite stores through

Most sincere thanks to all the models and members who took time out of their busy schedules to respond to my questions.  Because of your generosity, this article is not mine – it is ours.

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  • Excellent read! Nice job Bph.

  • George3000

    Phew! Now I’m cravin a multi model show! LOL

    Excellent article, Bph! It may be OURS, but it was YOU who made it all fit!

  • Hero

    Agreeing with George!!!

  • bphface

    Thanks guys! Extra brownie points if you can tell me who are the two ladies in the second picture. Does anyone recognize those butts? 🙂

  • shady

    Ling & Sabrina

  • bphface

    W00T! 2000 points for shady!

  • Chason

    Excellent job Bph, great article.

  • JesseJo

    Great article, looking forward to read your next one ! Keep up the good work ! <3