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The (Bi)sexuality of CWH – Part 1


By bphface / 7 years ago / In: Articles ,



     All of you Austin Powers fans will know how easily that super spy can arrange a threesome with Japanese twins.  But for those of us who aren’t International Men of Mystery and yet still dream of that glorious sight of two angelic women going at it, we have to settle for whatever girl-on-girl action might occur on CamWithHer from time to time. 

 But settling never felt so good! 

     For years, my fellow members and I have been on the lookout for any signs of impending M-chat twosomes (or threesomes!).  With over thirty models describing themselves as “bisexual,” instances of fantastic multi-model camming have abounded – the lovely ladies of CWH have been very obliging.  Since the long list of multi-model camshows will surely continue to grow, we thought it might be fun to get an inside look at the world of multi-model camshows from both the model and the member perspective. 

     We started with the basics by asking how two models decide to get together for a show.  For many, it began with a helping hand.  Layla wanted to cam with Kattia as a way to help her get used to the site.  The same thing happened with Alanna.  “I wanted to start camming, so Cameron told me that she would guide me through the first few shows. From that point, we would do random shows for fun.”  Nina had a similar experience, recalling that “when I first joined, Victoria was on CWH – I was so new and nervous! She asked me to come over and teach me the way of the camgirl.”  Valentina also fondly remembered her time with Maiya, saying “It was pretty exciting because she was sooo new to camming so I helped to break her in and she was great.  Maiya ended up being a lot dirtier then I initially expected once she came out of her shell and it was so hot!”

     According to the models, the hotness factor definitely helps facilitate the process.  “I love women and camming,” said Natasha, “so I thought it would be fun to combine the two.”  Valentina attributes her camming with Maiya to an initial attraction, and Angelina exclaimed, “when I saw Valentina for the first time I was in instant lust!”

     For some models, knowing the person ahead of time makes the decision to cam with them easier.  Ling and Sabrina, for instance, were long-time friends before they began getting curious about camming together.  Veronica told of how her crush on Valentina grew out of their experiences as schoolmates; Valentina “was always bright, beautiful and over the years we have grown to become best friends. She’s always been there to help me out when I needed it and vice versa.”  Similarly, Valentina and Angelina “had been talking for about 2 years and became very close friends before finally meeting and deciding to cam together.”

     Indeed, across the board the models reported that personalities are what really matter.  After Shanelle saw one of Layla’s M-chats, the two began corresponding and soon became good friends.  Says Shanelle, “We are so compatible as far as sense of humor, looks, the way we talk, etc., that we had a great time!”  Valentina perhaps describes it best: “The bottom line is you have to be attracted to the person you are camming with, otherwise it just doesn’t work.  I had some sort of history with all of these girls.  That makes for a great show, because if we’re enjoying it, so are you.”

     The absence of testosterone piqued my interest, so I asked their views of how women compared to men.  Answers varied, with many praising the wonders of femininity.  Jessica Klein simply stated, “better kissers, more passionate, less rushed sex.”  Shanelle also had some nice words for a woman’s “very sensual and gentle touch that is very arousing,” while Veronica just happens to be “a huge fan of boobs.”  Angelina wholeheartedly agreed, saying “You got two magnificent pillows to lay your head right on if you ever just want to rest, or heck, motorboat (one of my faves)!”

     Just when you think men will lose out completely, however, the models swoop in for the rescue.  “I love having a man be in control, though, and holding me close while we are intimate,” says Shanelle.  Nina and Valentina both agree that women can sometimes get too emotional, and that sometimes “I need a guy who is more of a realist to get me back on track.”  According to Layla, “I love to play around with women, but I would never date one.  I save the ‘relationship’ stuff for men.”  Also, adds Valentina, “nothing compares to a hard cock,” or, in Angelina’s words, “a nice chunk of man meat at the end of the day.”

     With the value of manhood thus partially restored, I asked the ladies what experiences with multi-model camming have been most memorable.  Nina recalled Nyli “playing the role of the teacher trying to brainwash me into believing that dick is BAD.  It was our role play of lesbian school and damn, she was really into it.”  Valentina remembered spending about six hours doing bath chats with Maiya, and how “by the end of the night we were both freezing but wanted to keep going!”  Natasha remembered “popsicles and lots of spankings,” while Alanna recalled playing twister with the girls in matching panties and bras.  And Shanelle?  “Mmmm…  Only those who got shows have the memories!  Can’t tell the secrets.”  Layla doesn’t mind, however.  The most memorable thing about her shows with Shanelle?  “She is a great kisser!  We kissed a lot and loved it!”

     Just for fun, I surveyed a few of the long-time members of CWH to see what their most memorable multi-model shows were.  While praising every show as “special in their own way,” the members nonetheless identified a few that really stood out for them.  Two members specifically mentioned Ling and Sabrina, with one stating “they’re very dirty ladies and did whatever I wanted and loved it.  Nasty Asian women make me so crazy!”  A couple mentioned Layla and Shanelle “because they’re so gorgeous, built and naughty.”  The men seemed to agree that one of the things that made the multi-model shows so enjoyable, however, was how comfortable and friendly the models are with one another.  Other particularly memorable combos included Kyra and Mia, Hollie and Countess, Nina and Nyli, Dahlia and Jenna, and Vikki and Cameron.

Be sure to check back soon for Part 2, and make sure you check out Delilah and Scarlett’s free M-chat tonight at 9 PST / 12 EST!

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