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By Ling / 6 years ago / In: General ,



So 24 is coming to and end and these last few episodes are making me =O

I am so anxious to see what is going to happen in the season finale! Last night’s episode was pretty emotional cause I feel like I know Jack LOL and I hate to see all this bad stuff happening to him. I mean jeez!! Does he have bad luck or WHAT!!!??!!

So supposedly they are making a 24 movie. I have mixed feelings about that. X-Files was a great show and they made a movie about that and it was MEH. The Simpsons had a movie years and years after it was at its peak so I dunno if a 24 movie would be such a great idea. All I know is that I will miss dropping everything at 850pm on Monday nights and making that little special comfy area for my derriere to enjoy an hour of awesomeness! =D

Like this:

  • SleeplessJ

    Kinda sucks since this is the first season in a while I actually watched. 🙁

  • George3000

    I hear the SECOND X-Files movie was even MORE meh than the FIRST too! LOL

    I’m a little concerned about 2.4 as well. But I DID like “Jack in Africa,” and THAT was a made for tv movie. =P

  • Hero

    Sadly, I have never seen an episode of 24 =(

    I want to though! =)

  • Lena

    I was so sad at the end of this weeks episode. Poor Jack! I really thought that they would work out.

  • Evan

    I just dropped by to say Hiya (^_~) (^_^)