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To be, or not to be…Topless!


By bphface / 7 years ago / In: Articles ,



     Among the most anticipated new features of CWH Version 3 has been the option for the models to go topless in the member chats.  Those of you who’ve been checking out the site over the past few days may have noticed that several of the lovely CWH ladies have already happily put their assets on display for the members’ viewing pleasure.  So this is what will happen during every m-chat, right?


      We conducted a survey of the camgirls to get a sense of what they think about this issue.  Will they go topless?  Will they keep the twins locked up for VIPs only?  Do they even know what they are going to do?  The 31 models who responded were split among those three categories (yes, no, and maybe), although many of their answers wandered into the gray areas in between.  Here’s what we found:

The “Ayes”

     About half (15) of the models who offered opinions said that they would be willing to go topless in the m-chats.  “I don’t see any issues on it,” said one, “we started out as topless m-chats and then got rid of it. I personally see tits as tits.  It’s no big deal to show them off.”  Other models echoed these sentiments, with one simply asking, “why not? It will be fun for the viewers and fun for me getting to show off my ta-tas.”

     Despite some enthusiasm for their newly-liberated breasts, the models did have significant differences regarding how often or under what circumstances they might choose to go topless.  Should a camgirl bare all during every one of her m-chats?  Some enthusiastically embrace that idea: “I love being topless and getting naughty so I think I will do it every time, not only on special occasions!”  Not so fast, say others, who will reserve it only for “special occasions” or for their “most loyal customers.”

     Ok, so how much boobage do we actually get to see?  According to several models, not that much: “There might be the occasions where I change into a few different outfits, so I might briefly go topless a couple times during the show while I’m dancing and stripping.”  Indeed, across the board, the models suggested members might not get what they want immediately, nor perhaps as much as they wanted.  A couple of models mentioned going topless near the end of the chats or “very briefly, just as a tease,” though several also praised the new tip system that will help the top come off “sooner rather than later.”  As one model described it, “I think I would play coy and flash for tips and then if people respond and like it then I’ll go full topless with tipping.  But if no one even cares then I’m not going topless.” 

     Ah, so it all comes down to how much we “care.”  Any other words of advice about that?  “I will do it as long as there aren’t people in my member chat begging from the beginning or chanting ‘tits tits tits,’ or saying ‘when are you getting your boobs out.’  A few people’s immature and trashy behavior will ruin it for everyone.”  Fair enough!

 The “Nays”

     Many models have serious concerns about the topless option, however, with 7 respondents (about 25%) coming out firmly against the plan.  The most common reason?  “That’s what VIP is for.”  More specifically, some models were concerned about how the member chat experience, which may include dozens of viewers, is much more impersonal than the VIP experience.

     More practically speaking, the models also expressed concern that not holding back in m-chats would adversely affect members’ willingness to do p-chats.  “NOT doing it will create more anticipation of actually seeing it in a p-chat,” said one model, while another, echoing the view of many respondents, exclaimed, “I can’t just give it all away!  Members could watch my archives in repeat and stare at my boobs if they wanted to.” 

     So are the nipples to be forever covered?  “I must say, though, that it is a great relief to not have to worry about nip slips anymore!  If there is a little peek, I won’t mind at all.”

     And what do the “Ayes” have to say about some of these concerns?  “Most girls are so worried that if they show off their tits in m-chats, no one will want to see them in p-chats.  I know everyone who watches me doesn’t only come in to see my tits.  I have a personality behind these titties!”

The “Undecided”

     The decision may have been a simple one for many of the models, but for others it’s a tough call.  9 models who responded had yet to make up their minds, or adopted a “wait-and-see” approach, such as one model who said, “I think I will take it on a case-by-case basis and see how I am feeling and how the crowd is acting.”  Similarly, another expressed that “I don’t think I will go topless for the first few m-chats I do, but I may become more comfortable with the idea.”

     In a few cases, though, the opinions were leaning heavily against going topless.  These models either wanted to see how it works out for other models, or merely offered the possibility that in the future they might change their mind.

     Regardless of which side you take (if any), the breasts have already started coming out in several recent m-chats, and, significantly, so have the tips which in one case reached as much as $60.  We’ll have to wait and see what effect all this has on the site, the members, and the models.  Until then, lovely ladies, just do your own thing and we promise, no matter what, we won’t hold it against you.

Be sure to check out the April Member Chat schedule by clicking here!  Anyone who wants to know the views of particular models will have to ask the model directly.  The model responses used in this article were edited for clarity.

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