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By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: Entertainment , Events , Free Content



k decided to delete the blog i just wrote and start over…i feel very disjointed…anyways.

me and my friend went to see alkaline trio in philly last thursday, at the troc. the show was sold out, although i wasn’t as packed as i thought it would be. we missed the dear & the departed cuz we decided to grab some food at issacs before we left. got there right before cursive played. i’ve been a fan of theirs, but not hardcore. i have a much higher appreciation for them now. they put on a great live show. we got a piece of pizza and a hot dog, and waited for alk3 to come on. i pushed our way into the pit and thats when the show got good. they played mostly stuff off of the newer albums, with a few oldies. lol. there was this other nice couple behind us…this girl was trying to push her way out of the pit. i have no problem moving for people…idk if she was drunk or high or what, but she started swinging at the girl behind us. the nice girl fell into me, and my friend pushed the fight apart. everyone was ok, but wtf? kids just keep getting more violent at shows these days…i couldn’t fucking believe it, but as their last song (before the oncore) alkaline trio fucking played ’97!!! that is my fav fav fav song ever, and all the years i’ve been going to their concerts i’ve never seen them play this…i screamed like a little girl and spazzed the fuck out. that made my life. 😀 on the way out we ran into another one of my friends and his little bro. headed to the merch. i got a limited edition poster signed by all the members of the band. numbered 206/500. i need to get that shit framed! went upstairs for a quick shot of jack while they played radio. we got lost in philly a bit on the way home. it was sort of interesting and romantic though. until we stopped at the most ghetto a plus in existence. lmao. stopped at a waffle house about an hour away from home and stuffed our faces. im pretty sure we just came home and passed out because we were both so exhausted. 🙂

the follow up interview i was supposed to have the next day got canceled because the manager had an emergency and had to leave town. im still waiting for them to call me back and reschedule. at least i got to sleep in though.

i got my taxes done and im getting a $1400 refund! sweet titties. i really needed that. thats two months rent right there…

i got offered a job at a lingerie store and i guess i accepted it? haha. i didn’t even turn in an app, or get a real interview for that matter, but im supposed to start on thursday. its only part time…so if something else full time comes along, im leaving my options open. i need to get some dress clothes before thursday though. lol. im pretty confident im going to be offered something else shortly. i have two more interviews scheduled for tomorrow, and the inside word is the one wants me to be a keyholder. so that would be cool. then i have another interview next wednesday. well see how all this goes. im getting a little overwhelmed by it all. this is my only free day this week until sunday, so im trying to take advantage of it.

looks like im going to be staying in my apartment for at least another year. now that things are looking better on the job front, and i have a couple months rent saved, i think things will be ok. i got my lease renewal forms a few days ago, so i need to sign those bitches!

i just finished eating the best dippy egg ever. my back hurts, so i think im gonna be doing some exercise as soon as im done with this blog. also, after being weighed at the doctors yesterday, i def need to…yep.

and i need to go get some groceries later, but i hate carrying them all in by myself…anyone want to help? tehe. 😉



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