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Introducing Skyla


By Lena / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Yet another reason to make the CamWithHer blog a daily read! We will be introducing all of our new models via the blog, so keep checking in to see our newest ladies as they arrive.

Starting us off is Skyla, who is an absolute knockout with a killer personality. She sent me a little Q&A, as well as some seriously sexy pics!  Make sure that you welcome her on p-chats and the forums.

Fun Facts on Miss Skyla

Height: 5’8″ (and 3/4)

Weight: 124 lbs.

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but I don’t mind kissing a hot chick when the time comes around 🙂

Favorite food: I’m a cereal addict, breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Biggest Fear: Needles and people touching the inside of my palms. Very weird, I know LOL.

Status: I’ve been officially single for two whole years! I’ve been having my share of fun though

Baddest Habit: Showing up 5 minutes late to EVERYTHING

Pet Peeve: Slow Driving & the double standard between Men and Women

In love?: I’ve been in love twice, it’s wonderful.

Favorite sex position: Being on top! And doggy!

Really Random Facts:

— I plan to move to Negril, Jamaica for two months this summer. Then I’m moving to Costa Rica for the next year after that.

— I use to be very overweight (for most of my life actually). When I was 17, I lost 65 lbs by exercising and eating right. Then when I was 18, I became a lingerie model. It’s been great because I’m now happier and healthier!

— I’ve done stand-up comedy at a few clubs since I started in summer ’09, and I regularly perform improv comedy

How were you introduced to CWH? I use to date a CamWithHim model. We’re still good friends to this day. He’s been telling me how much opportunity there is in the webcamming world and it’s simple because you can work from home. So I took his advice 🙂

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