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Bad Coconut


By Bobbia Mars / 7 years ago / In: General ,

Bobbia Mars

Bobbia Mars

I’m sad. I really had a craving for some raw coconut so I bought one…it was nasty! Someone told me coconuts are currently out of season…what is their proper season exactly? 🙁   The water inside was bad too. I hate to waste ‘fresh’ fruit, but it was just not edible.  And I didn’t have the tools handy to try and make a coconut bra out of it. Yes I considered it.

To prepare a coconut Bobbia-style:
1. Use a hammer and screw driver to make a hole in one or more of the coconut’s eyes, then hold coconut upside-down over a cup(or sink if you don’t want to save the coconut water!) and let it drain out. Shake it out if you’re in a rush, leave the coconut sitting upside-down in the cup if you’re lazy(or using your hands to do something else cool like sword-throwing).

2. When the big hairy nut is drained place it in a plastic bag, tie it shut, then take it outside to your nearest hard surface and hurl it with all(or most) of your might. Any sidewalk or paved road will do the trick. Throw it until the shell is splintered enough to remove easily and rinse off the edible parts. Then enjoy.

Like this:

  • Nina

    LOL @ big hair nut!

  • Nina


    Damn it

  • Bobbia

    LOL @ ‘damn it’