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rough day…


By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: Entertainment , Events , General



as if this day could get any worse…i just saw snowflakes…

i was supposed to start my new job today at the adult store. i was woken up by a phone call from their dm, telling me they over hired and don’t have the payroll hours to start another employee. so now i don’t have a job. again. i would like to think this happened for a reason, but seriously, come on…now im fucked. really, really fucked. all i want to do is curl up in a ball and cry. im never leaving the house again. im not going to be able to afford to stay at my apartment…i thought everything was looking up…is this supposed to make me stronger or something? cuz i think i’ve been through enough this past year. can i just catch a break please? what am i going to do…

alkaline trio is touring. i might as well spend my last bit of money on the tickets…i’ll be poor, but happy.

saturday night i went to see chef duff’s band, from ace of cakes. they’re called …soihadto… i went by myself. i had some drinks, took some pictures, and got to meet duff. hes exactly like he is on the show…hes really sweet, and silly. and he took the time to talk to everyone and take pictures. everyone kept asking me who i worked for, and to take their picture…and i was like…im not professional, these are just for me! lol. maybe cuz i was by myself with my big ol’ nikon, and i looked like i was on a mission or something…haha idk. the band didn’t have any vocals, it was quite interesting. anyways, heres a picture of me and duff!

yep. im stressed and don’t know what to do with myself today…i don’t think i will be on p-chats at all this week…things are really busy with school and my personal life right now, but don’t worry, i’ll let you know as soon as im back!


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