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ace of cakes!


By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: College , Entertainment , Events



so you guys know the show ace of cakes on the food network? well, chef duff’s band is playing in my city tonight! im totally going…i must meet him! only thing is my friend who was going with me bailed, so now im calling everyone i know to try to find someone to tag along. i don’t want to be that loser girl all by herself. lol. or maybe guys will buy me more drinks that way? haha. idk…i’ve come to realize i know a lot more people under the age of 21 then i do my own age. its sad when im 23, almost 24…and can’t find someone to go to the bar with me. being that the show is 21+. blah blah blah. all will work out i suppose.

today in photography class we made our first prints! we did photograms. i brought in a little owl stained glass thing to make my photogram with. im so happy with how it turned out! and im very proud of my very first print. : D i totally already framed it and everything. haha. i get excited about the little things…it was so cool to watch the white paper turn into a photo! anyways, here it is…obviously its not gonna look as good cuz its a photo of a photo…lol. i was trying to make it so that the light didn’t reflect off of it…

wow, my eyes look really green in the photo!

k, everyone, i will be on p-chats tomorrow. not sure what time…that depends on how crazy things get tonight! tehe!


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  • Hairygnome

    Lizzy, from my pervert eyes, your owl looks like a big black woman with really huge boobs. I also like your tattoo, how many do you have?