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what a weekend!


By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: College , Free Content , General



omg this weekend has just been one endless party! thats why i haven’t been online at all…friday night i called off work. since i got a new job, i had put my two weeks in at this job. they didn’t put me on the schedule next week at all…wtf. if i would have know they were gonna do that i wouldn’t have put two weeks in at all…i would have just quit. cuz now im out of that income for next week because i don’t start my new job until the week after! anyways, i pretty much said fuck you, and called off because of all that. i still have my discount this week though. : D lol. i went to see my friends band play at a local venue. they opened for this is hell. any fans of them out there? it was a really stressful day. i couldn’t get a hold of my friend who i was going with, so i was pretty much dicking around all day waiting for a phone call. im taking a photography class…and i wanted to shoot the band live as my first assignment. well, i was having some camera issues. the batteries didn’t work…the film advance lever wasn’t winding the film…we were running late so i just said fuck it. got there just in time to see my friends band. i was still determined to get some photos out of the night…so we left for a bit. we running around like crazy to find these batteries. i didn’t think it would be that hard…we went to three different places and finally found what i needed. also found a place to send out my 120mm film from my holga. we got some food. went back to my apartment and put the batteries in and the damn thing still didn’t work. back up plan…i altered my holga to shoot 35mm. i literally just stuffed some cotton balls in there to hold the film in place. got a couple pics of this is hell, but damn that shit was hard to wind…we got back just in time to see the end of this is hell’s set. then it was to the after party!

i won a match at beer pong! that was a shining moment. haha. smoking and drinking. although, i didn’t get too crazy that night because i had to drive home. class at 8am on saturday. ha! i totally overslept. big surprise. im full of fail lately…so saturday after getting a good rest my manager texted me and told me to come into work at six instead of four. i went and dropped the film off from the night before. went to the craft store to get some foam to use in place of the cotton balls. haha. picked up some lunch. before work i went to pick up the film. i got there and they couldn’t find it. they finally told me that they don’t develop black and white film. arg. after all this i feel like saying fuck it…with all the problems i’ve had with the cameras and film. i still need a camera that works for class, and it looks like thats gonna run me about $300. i think i may have exposed that last roll of film i was talking about too…i can’t keep dropping all this money and not getting anything out of it. anyways…work was uneventful and slow. afterwards i went over to my cousins house for a bonfire. i haven’t seen her in forever…drank and smoked. drank a lot…played some bowling on wii. my friend drove me home. i think we got in a fight…i passed out. i was supposed to hang out with a friend today after she got off work at three…but i decided not to answer any calls or texts and stay in bed all day…i think that makes me a bad person. whatever. i just feel like shit. my body needs to recovering from all the partying. no drinking tonight. and i feel really bad about fighting with my friend…blah.

im going to get a shower now, and will be on p-chats later tonight. i will be on a whole lot this week too, since i don’t have any work!


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