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foundry music vid!


By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: College , Free Content , General



today was a pretty good day. i got to sleep in until after 1pm. tehe. then i had a job interview at an adult store! i really need to get out of the job im working at now…they only gave me 12 hours next week, wtf! and don’t even get me started on how they play favorites and all that bullshit. i need something full time. something where i can be promoted back to management where i belong. and getting to play with dildos ain’t to shabby either. lol. i think the interview went really well. i was just myself, and i think just confident enough. i think it helped that when i walked in one of my best friends from high schools brother was working there, and we started talking right away…the manager was like, you guys know each other? haha, i hope he puts in a good word for me! ; ) so cross your fingers for me…he said hes gonna give me a call either way in a day or two to let me know if i got it or not. but i mean, come on…wouldn’t you want me selling you your pornos? tehe. other than that, i came home and ate some lunch, hoped online for about an hour but didn’t get to play with anyone, and then i headed off to that horrible job i was talking about. it actually wasn’t so bad tonight. for a friday night it wasn’t too busy, but it went pretty fast. it was only a four hour shift…and we are having 50% off of all our clearance right now, so i sort of just wandered around the whole night shopping! lol. thats another reason why i need to leave there…i spend my whole paycheck there! its terrible, haha. i got 2 skirts, a pair of yoga pants, a tank top, and a pair of flips flops all for under $20. i need to return the skirts though…they don’t fit right. thats what i get for not trying stuff on first. o well, its not like i won’t be there again on sunday. ugh.

ooo i wanted to let everyone know that i will not be online saturday night. i have class at 8am, some errands to run after that…doing laundry and such. and then im going to baltimore for the night to party with some friends. im excited to get to see everyone again, i haven’t visited in a while. and i plan on having a really good time, if you know what im saying! lol. i will be online on sunday, not sure what time yet, but watch for me then! back to monday and wednesday p-chats after 4pm est. i will be online other days next week too, watch this space for updates!

have you all seen the new foundry music video up in the clips section? thats right, its featuring me! so if you haven’t watched it yet, go do it now! :*

night night everyone!


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