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By Kaylee / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Weirdddddd, I woke up this morning and the cable isn’t working?? Everything else is. I’m pretty sure it’s been paid so I have no idea what’s up with it. HMMM. Mysterious!

My foot is hurting like a fucker, too. Yesterday I accidentally kicked the toilet (lol, i don’t know either ..) and it’s got a pretty bad bump on it. I bruise so easily so usually that doesn’t mean a thing to me but swelling is annoying and it’s kinda hard to walk on since i hit the bone. I’ll move past it though, been taking some tylenol to help with the pain and it does seem to be helping. Can’t believe I kicked the toilet!

I have to do more house hunting today .. of course! Ready to be done with all that! At least I got a good nights sleep, back with my doggy and he cuddled with me last night. He’s such a good boy, I love him! I wish others saw him like I do .. I know he’s a hard doggy to like cause he’s real picky about who he likes. But with me, he’s always a major angel, doesn’t give me any issues whatsoever. I find he’s very good company! Anyway, end love love mushy gushy stuff!

Lets see .. what else. It’s early and I just woke up not too long ago so not much is going on.

Oh, I had a pretty good new years eve! Went to my dads, just got back home yesterday. I’ve been going out of town a lot recently and i’m exhausted from it, i think now it’ll be a while until i go out of town again. Buuuuuut, with house hunting i have to drive around for 5-6 hours so it’s practically the same thing lol.

Okay, I think thats it. Love you guys!

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