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By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: College , Free Content , General



hey everyone! today was a crazy day. i was running around all over the place. i woke up and exercised. got ready and went to pay my taxes. i had to do this so i could get my certificate of residency for college. after i paid she gave me the address of the school district or whatever and i had no idea where i was going. i plugged the address in my gps and it didn’t even find the right street number. so i went to the school where the gps took me. all the doors were locked, even though i was told they would be open til 4:30…all the sidewalks were blocked off like they were doing construction or something, so i had to walk through this field and i got my cardi ugg boots all muddy! ahh i was so mad. i had to ask some kids how i could get in and the door was still locked but someone let me in. the office was closed. they told me i had to go to this other building down the street. arg. got there and couldn’t find the entrance. finally got in there and got my shit done. drove all the way back to college and turned it in. had to update my name too. that shit took $500 off my tuition!!! yay! so i guess it was worth all the trouble. i stopped at my parents house to say hi and get some money…hahaha. i was going to go pick up my prescriptions at the grocery store, but called down to see how much it would be and only one of them was there! i ‘ve been out of my meds for a few days now and really need them. i called the doctor because they won’t refill them unless i made an appointment. but they said they would call in enough to last me until then. well they didn’t. so im going to try again tomorrow…then i went to pick up some pics i got developed. a friend of my family developed them for me. she said something to me that i didn’t understand until i went to my car and looked at the pics…and saw there was a picture of my titty! in a compromising situation. omg, i was so embarrassed. i went to the mall and got some christmas presents and came home and took a nap! now here i am on p-chats…wheres the love? im trying to be on a lot more…heres this weeks schedule. don’t forget im on NAC too!

wednesday: on and off all day
thursday: after 7pm est
friday: after 4pm est
saturday: possibly before 4pm est
sunday: after 6pm est

message me if you would like to set up a p-chat! i know my schedule is crazy, and always changing…

and its that time of year…heres my christmas tree! i did it all by myself. its my first year living alone for christmas.

night night! its snowing sooo hard here…try to stay warm!


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