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By Nina / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Hey Hey 🙂

I’ve been keeping myself busy, I went back to my old job… but a different location, they only need me 2-3days a week which is perfect because than I can work here too. I love camming, but like afew of u know.. im a super social person, so I need to be around ppl to make me happy! I moved to this area about over a year ago, so its hard to make friends when ur always at home camming. I also loved all the free stuff and discount 😛

I finally bought my first christmas tree… well its not really my first, my parents just decorated a regular house tree we had LOL… omg it was so ugly. I went out to buy one and ended up with two, my brother wanted a black one and i wanted a white one.. so we each got our own. The funny thing is that mine is upstairs and his is downstairs, so it looks like heaven and hell** Pictures on my next blog**

My mom’s car is having issues, so I went to drive her to work and gonna pick her up in abit! Im a great daughter I know 😛 She didnt want me too, but she had no choice I showed up at her house at 8am! She always refuses to let me help her,  she thinks as a parent its a big no no!

I’ve kept myself busy in my batcave playing left4dead and borlderlands, at this rate I will never find time to clean 🙁

I like them both, I took alittle break from borderlands to play L4D2 the last two times I played borderlands I was leveling up because one of the missions were too difficuly for me and I lost a lot of $$$$$$ from dying lol! I love L4D2, its so much harder than the first! That puking bitch pisses me off! OMG! I hate her! I dont know if u guys played it, but I remember that concert stage took about 6 times for me to finish it and how I did it was I saved some barf until the hellicopter came to get the zombies away from me! When u play that game u need a good partner because when I see some of my friends playing I want to punch them for being stupid lol, they NEVER stick together and shoot they’re partners for fun… or maybe I take it too seriously :/

Tonight im going to be covering a shift at my previouse location, I want to help and im kinda curiouse to see how its changed. I left because there was too much drama, when u work with sales u really need to have a good team who shares… instead of grabs every person who comes in and leaves the rest upset. Thats what I love about my new place is that everyone shares, everyones honest and its such a friendly place <3

Im retiring from my black nail polish to silver! Ohhh sooo shiny! I honestly did not plan the shirt for this pic… they just happened to match!

Im off to pick up mommy… u guys take care 😛

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