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exams over and veteran’s day!


By Delilah / 7 years ago / In: General ,



YAYYYYY! That’s all I have to say 😛 I am soooo glad that I have tomorrow off. First I had the flu, then I had two huge exams. I’m so ready for a relaxing day 🙂

I will be taking that relaxing day to make a new zip set though so be on the lookout for that 🙂

Well what’s new with me??? Hmmm… nothing too exciting sadly 🙁 I’m really enjoying my new iPhone and downloading all sorts of dumb apps but hey… that’s what down time on the bus is for right? hehe. Well I got back to yoga tonight after taking a whole week off for having the flu 😛 yuck 🙁 Yoga totally kicked my little bum too, I’m gonna be sooooore tomorrow, who wants to come give me a backrub?

It’s super close to thanksgiving though! YAY! Well yay and boo. Yay to going home and taking some time to relax and enjoy home cooked meals from my mom 🙂 and horseback riding and playing with my puppy and all that good stuff and seeing relatives. and boo to seeing relatives. you guys know what I mean right? I love my relatives but they basically invade our tiny little house and I don’t end up getting a vacation :/ meh. I think I might end up going to over to my friend’s house a lot (they’re irish so they do a thanksgiving… sort of, lol it’s very low key). I need to be studying up for finals and for the MCATs of course. Bleh, has anyone taken those around here yet? I am NOT looking forward to that :/ oh well I’m a smart chica, I’m sure things will turn out fine.

Ok ok, I’ve rambled on enough, time for some sexy pictures 🙂

oh ya and I totally love Taylor Swift’s new album “Fearless” – ya I love country… some of it 😛 horses… I blame it on growing up around a barn


Like this:

  • wow love those fish nets my god its gonna become a new fetish of mine ^~

    come on you gotta put up with family on thanksgiving beside that there’s at least plenty of food !

  • Delilah

    Haha true… but I’m a picky eater. But I do love me some apple pie, yummmmm.

    I love the fishnet too, I think it’s sexy when them *ehem* poke out 😉