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Happy Halloween!


By Gianna. / 7 years ago / In: General ,



My favorite memories from Halloween are from my childhood.  There are fun parties and such nowadays, and I think more variety in costumes.  Still, my family was BIG into Halloween, it made it so special!

My mom’s favorite holiday is Halloween, I am not sure why.  I grew up watching horror movies with her all of the time.  Our crawlspace was filled with holiday decorations, and HALF of the entire thing was filled with Halloween decorations.  That jsut goes to tell you how much we invested on Halloween.  Every year we would transform our front yard and house or garage into a haunted walkway.

 Trick or Treaters would have to walk through it to get their candy at the end.  People from other towns would come all the way to our neighborhood just to see it!  It was pretty awesome.  We had all sorts of themes and decorations.  My mom went ALL out.  So many people actually got scared there!  lol, I remember one time there was a man and his young son walking up to the front door.  That year, my mom was dressed like a mummy, and she was standing up inside a cardboard coffin that was leaning up against the outside wall of the house.  AS the man and his son approached, my mom walked out of the coffin towards them.  The man got so scared that he fell into a water retainer we had and got soaked!!!  Oh, it was so funny!!  He had thought my mom was just like the rest of the fake animated dummies we had set up.  He almost had a heart attack when he realized she was coming for him! 

Fond memories…unfortunately one year my sisters and I were all older, and we had all made other plans.  That year we left a bushel of apples on our doorstep, and all headed out.  We left a sign for all the people, and some visitors even got angry that we weren’t doing our usual extravaganza for the holiday that year.  We never had another haunted house.  That made me so sad!  

Good memories and bad, I still love Halloween.  Its great!

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